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Doll Wonder

Posted in design, dolls, handmade with tags , , , on January 23, 2011 by darcyarts

Busily stitching in all the details for Stevie Wonder 2 and Prince creates the illusion that the days are disappearing in a magical way. I look up at the calendar and see another week gone –whoosh — like wind through a window.

Looking at Stevie photos I noticed his hairline sits back a way on his mighty forehead. I know he’s older but it has always been thus.

Stevie, where are your eyebrows? Under the big shades.

My first Stevie Wonder head had a plethora of beads but could hardly hold his head up under the weight.

I had to alter the design — eliminate a few beads and cut the braids a bit shorter.

All Soft Boys have a reinforced neck but why temp neck-bendy fate?

Stevie 2 still has plenty of hair.

I changed up the color of the stitching on the daishiki-esque shirt. We are used to seeing a much more elaborate bunch of designs and patterns on this African shirt popularized in the US in the late 60s.

I wanted to use colors that matched the beads.

Prince goes in the mail tomorrow. I’m curling and cutting the hair, strand  by strand.

I’ve got rad material for the outfit. Better go get to work.

Frida Kahlo Doll on Etsy

Posted in constructions, etsy, projects with tags , , , on March 11, 2010 by darcyarts

My lil’ Frida is up over at Etsy. I hate to part with her but she needs to be seen.

I am going to make a few Fridas all different and unique. She’s endlessly fascinating to me.

Button eyes look good on her.

I’m growing and ever lengthening list of future doll subjects:

For the Soft Boys: Joey Ramone, Keith Richards, Robyn Hitchcock, Iggy Pop, Angus Young, Pete Townshend.

Other women artists: Yayoi Kusama, Georgia O’Keeffe, Natalia Fabia, Liz McGrath and Camille Rose Garcia, another girl child raised in the shadow of Disneyland.

I want to do Conan O’Brien, Miss Lady Bunny, Oh, so many more. I can’t stop.

Frida and Vinyl

Posted in Art, constructions, etsy, projects with tags , , , , on February 10, 2010 by darcyarts

Two of my favorite things are being translated into creations this week.

Frida Kahlo and vinyl.

A Frida rag doll and a 12 inch black vinyl record pillow will be finished by Thursday if I stay on it.

I still need to add a row of  stitches to her left eyebrow. I added the little mustache hairs following her lead in masculinized self-portraits.

I will make long black hair for braiding and add fleece flowers to the braid weave on her head.

This doll requires whipping up a little “peasant” outfit.

Frida Kahlo is a powerful role model for women because she took seriously the job of creating herself, creating a myth of self in a time when it was really outside the norm.

Frida is one of those  freaks ( a term that contains power for me) that insisted on coming into her self  in the most meaningful way. The magic she created still moves in the world.

The vinyl pillow project was aided by finding a really cool label which I photographed and printed with a heat transfer.

The Perfect is a beautiful design. The song is “Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mama Can Do” by Cliff Edwards aka Ukelele Ike.

*Freak necklace charm by stoopidgerl.

Redhead with Heart

Posted in constructions, cute, etsy, projects with tags , , on February 5, 2010 by darcyarts

Finally finished and packed off all my orders from the Etsy shop and spent a day creating a Cinnamon Soft Girl.

I may be prejudice but I love the redheads and I have so much fun doing these. She has green button eyes and a sideways smile.

My very first doll was the prototype Cinnamon Soft Girl but I needed to try another for the DarcyArts shop.

I made her a little stuffed heart because her debut is so close to Valentine’s Day.

I love the xoxo socks that make her top and the little leggings i made for her from a shirt I found at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago.

It made a nice ensemble.

I happened on to making a really cute belt from part of the pattern on some fleece I had. The flower shapes on rainbow ribbon (thrift store) look great.

These two blue flower shapes is from the back.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

Sweet Green

Posted in constructions, cute, plush critters with tags , , , on February 3, 2010 by darcyarts

I’m not talking about my morning spirulina smoothy, though that was fab, I am talking about my sassy lil’  girly dragon.

This is the second one I’ve made and she’s cute.

She’s wider than the others and I like the slightly altered proportions.

Color is a strange thing or I guess I should say the psychological effects of color are interesting.

The whole time I was working on the dark blue dragon/draik I was sort of bothered by the dense color.

I could see every speck of lint and fuzz that got near it. That drives me crazy but there was just something about the color that made me feel yucky.

Working with the lime green was a relief.

The little girly dragon is on her way to Ohio where I hope she is loved for years.

Baby Dragon

Posted in Art, constructions, cute, etsy, projects with tags , , , on February 1, 2010 by darcyarts

I finished the baby dragon or draik and sent it off to San Antonio today.

It was a fun project and I have to say I loved doing it.

These colors are sort of out of my range but I think the intended recipient will dig it.

The wings were the most interesting element. I’ve never made them before.

Here’s what the buyer said when she received the photos:

“Oh my gosh, it looks great! He’s exactly what I wanted, thank you so much!

And the heart is precious.

From what I can tell in the pictures, he’s perfect perfect perfect. Great job!”

As I sat down to send a convo to the buyer I noticed I had sold a girly dragon. Goodie!

I love to make the those. this will be my second one.

I added the girly touches to my Albi-like dragon because the first one was meant for a young girl. I had the impulse to add a butterfly to her as a flourish and it turned out the little girl had developed a new love for butterflies not long before.

It was so cool to hear the dad’s amazement over that detail.

Busy is good. Following my bliss.

Water Spirit

Posted in constructions, cute, esoterica, nature with tags , , , on January 18, 2010 by darcyarts

The rag doll has a mossy green skin, blue button eyes, blue hair and a little pale pink button nose.

Frank said she looked Celtic and should be a water spirit.

She was  given a sheer wrap blouse with swirls to represent water. Her skirt is also made of sheer material and has flowing polka dot drops.

Her big eye lids are lined with iridescent glitter.  It  is not showing up in the close up photos, which I tried to snap as the camera battery died. But trust me, it looks very cool.

Part of me wants to let  new owners pick the name for their doll but another part is convinced that potential buyers enjoy a creation with an accompanying story.

I could call her Spirulina. It sounds beautiful and in smoothies tastes delicious.

I may do little ACEO doll portrait tags to go with each doll. It would be fun and allow me to draw and paint a bit.

I want to get these dolls to the people but since this is my new pet project I want to do it right. I have pledged in the new year that I will allow myself to do the work slowly and painstakingly with great attention to detail. At least that is my goal.

Rainbow Rag Doll

Posted in constructions, cute, projects with tags , , on January 15, 2010 by darcyarts

Here she is. My first rainbow rag doll. Her eyes are abalone shell buttons with pink stars beneath. She has keekass, curly rainbow hair and a Hello Kitty shirt.

I love her.

I will only have enough material to make two rainbow girls with rainbow Hello Kitty shirts.

I hope to have the rag dolls in my Etsy shop next week so check back at DarcyArts.

Maybe I’ll include the little pony for the first buyer of one of my handmade rag dolls.

I finished my blonde rag doll last night. I love the clothes. They are kinda late 50s hipster style.

This doll is a tad more androgynous. I will make boys soon enough.

I have a million of ‘em collecting in my imagination.

Full Moon

Posted in Art, constructions, millinery with tags , , , on September 4, 2009 by darcyarts

The Moon has moved into Pisces and will be full. The Sun is in Virgo at this time of the year. Opposites. This is a good combination. I can flow with the water sign and get busy with attention to detail and an enhanced desire to work, work , work that comes from the Earthy Virgo.

Yesterday’s aggravation (just stuff) has gone and I’m ready to float in the dreamy waters of Pisces.

Pisces is always a creative faucet for me. I will tackle . . .  no, I will roll with my stitching work today, or imagine designs not yet implemented.

I finished a cakebox cap for my Marc Bolan Slider print.

MarcBolanBlogCutHere’s the cap on my head form. I need to name this handmade head. She kind of looks like an old friend named Diana from my UNM days.

She was a Sagittarius. A real mover and shaker. We ran the cinema for a short time.

An evil, evil Republican right-wing nut went up against our appointment. He, Dan something, went into law with the intent of harming humans rights where ever possible.

Yuck. People who crave power are messed up cookies.

BolanCapCLA close up of the Bolan Cap shows the tiny red stars I felt I should add.

“I got stars in my beard and I feel real weird,” said Marc.

There was a time when enchanted boys and girls frolicked on the greens of Britain, heavily glittered and glamorous.

What is glamor? One definition: hex: cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something.

Your magic enchants others to see you as sparkling and beautiful.

From John McIntyre at the Baltimore Sun: “The word glamour came into English by way of Scotland, where it originally meant, the OED says, ‘Magic, enchantment, spell; esp. in the phrase to cast the glamour over one.’ It made its way to beauty by way of magic, since the allure secured by magic was illusory and dangerous.”

BolanCapBackI’m sure Marc Bolan knew this. He was a good soul.


Hello world!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , on February 19, 2008 by darcyarts

Greetings and salutations to all who read these words.

I have taken on about as many creative tasks as I can handle. I’ve crammed my mind with the most tantalizing visions of the things I will begin work on in the near future. I have made lists and lists and filled midnight note pads with ideas all of which must be seriously considered and more than that, actualized. Is that a pop psych word?

So the bottom line is, kids, I though I’d plop one more sloppy serving onto my already Thanksgiving-style loaded plate. 

I’ll be okay. Don’t worry about me, babe. I will survive.

The truth is that I thrive on a good stiff challenge and better yet, dozens. Nothing makes me happier than trying something new, or in this case since I do a mild astrology blog and occasionally, when I’m in a dreamy mood, I wax poetic at myspace .

Three’s the charm, eh?

Of course there is a bit of shameless self-promotion in all boggy pursuits, right? Even though I let myself imagine that no one ever, ever will find this blog, that I will chatter away in the comfort of obscurity, I’ll still go on to mention that I am currently madly in love with showing my handmade arty things at etsy

Okay, I’m a whore for glory but I have my reflective side.

Today is Presidents Day. It’s a state holiday. No mail.

Sadly, I can’t send the cool Funkadelic Maggot Brain matchbox to Amanda in Kent, Washington. She had the ultimate good taste to purchase the little treasure and though i love it so much and it is one of a kind, I want to share it with someone else.

Hey, if you love Elvis especially in his more rotund, inflated, karate-chopping, sweat-flinging, Las Vegas-dementia period. Check out my tribute devotional candle on etsy.


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