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Martha and the etsymini

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Crafters and artists are doing it for themselves.

Etsians continue to spread the love and show their fine creations.

They have started a blog at blogspot. Etsy minis are displayed there. It is a great way to easily browse through catagories and see what’s fresh.

FYI, Darcyarts is on page 13 of the Art and Illustrations section.

I received my new computer yesterday. This means that today I install my monster printer and get back to making prints of all my paintings. Jacob and Noahgee will finally receive the prints I promised them and hopefully people in the big wide world will purchase a few as well.

It’s a beautiful sunny day in northern California. I always miss the sun after a couple of weeks of rain.


I sold my cute bitty squid to a lovely lady in Bisbee, Arizona.

A new little red dot went onto my map to mark the occassion.

Thank you, Thenay. She makes beautiful jewelry.

Spent part of last night’s dream time contemplating the universe of images to be rendered into physical being. I ran an infinite series of themes by my own mind’s eye believing that I might see one flash and hum in a meaningful way. Like a kid wiggling about, waving their hand, “Pick me! Pick me!”

pick-me.jpgThe little kid in me does so every day.

Enthusiasm is the engine of success, said Ralph Waldo Emerson.

200px-rwemerson2.jpg Wonder if he was an Aries.

Naw. With the amount of writing he did he’s got to be a Gemini.

Sometimes I think that I should strive to promote those who most need the exposure.

It’s not like I have alot of power or a vast audience at this point but you want to reach out a hand.

Still, there are sirens out there against who’s charms I am powerless. Like Kat Von D. laink001_m.jpg

Yeah, everybody loves her. Lots of girls way younger than I worship and adore her. Metal boys, old and young, loose their cool in the presence of this perfectly syncretic LA wonder girl. She is a very talented tattoo artist.

I love the work of etsian stoopidgerl. She owns the rainbow! I salivate over her page everytime I go there. Brilliant. I’m saving up my bucks to buy one of those treasures.

As soon as I pay my humgnogous etsy bill. Hey, I was experimenting with time and renewal.

Martha Stewart will feature Etsy this Friday! Check it out, peeps.

Sharing your personal vision

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It’s Tuesday. I’ve been to the paper to finish a story for DATE. It was a pleasure writing about Greg Brown who will be playing the Cascade Theater here in Redding, CA.

I read that he is now married to Iris Dement. It seemed like totally knew information to me at first but then I wondered if I hadn’t heard it years back (they’ve been married since 2002) and the fact just became one of those completely gone pieces of information that I try not to think are the beginnings of Alzheimers.

Anyway, the thought of two such unique artists living under one roof gave me a thrill. Greg Brown is such a romantic and deeply earthy true poet and she too is sincere and so talented. They live in Iowa on his grandpa’s farm. Sometimes they live at her place.

When I called him to ask that he take a look at the questions I’d emailed him for my story. they had just gotten home from their trip to California for his “wife’s birthday.” I didn’t know (or remember) as I listened to the baritone-voiced Brown say the words that it was Iris Dement. It’s still thrilling to conjure images of the two of them just being in their lives. Geez, and I thought I’d outgrown my starstruckness.

It’s not like it sounds. I get excited by people’s energy not by the fact that they are famous. It’s a soul crush that has nothing to do with gender or sex.

A cool etsian hearted me recently. Art seems to communitcate the inherent mojo of the artist. That’s one of it’s powers. That’s why some rich-ass person will pay millions of dollars for a painting by a man that was completely ignored in his own time.


Eventually the word of your brilliance, your super-power mojo gets around.

So check this woman out. She’s Blackstitchart on etsy. I heart her, too. Can you feel it out in Tejas now?

New risks

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Like I said, back then I was afraid to try to draw and so I used images I found in mags. Now I can take a stab at creating my own images with more or less luck.

The redhead I painted this week looks like a 30s glamour girl if the Simpsons Springfield existed at that time, which in a parallel universe it most certainly did, okay?


She looks like the kind of girl Homer’s father might have drooled over. Well, he probably didn’t drool then but maybe on special occasions.

I want to call the newspapere where I work and tell them I’m sick. Today is a very special colleague’s last day. I get attached in a kind of slow growing closeted way over the years to the special souls. Then I think when they leave it triggeres my deep-seated abandonment issues. Or maybe it’s just that I know that I will miss Jim Dyar alot. He’s a shining star from the heart out, much loved and I know he will do well. I think he deserves a stress free period of time to chill and spill out his delightful music. Check him on MySpace

 I just won’t look over at the spot where he once resided.

Where is everybody going? (Bette Midler from “The Rose”)

Well, honey they’re going in search of a place where they don’t have to give their newspaper blog posts a title meant to lure in Rush Limbaugh-wrecked nincompoops.

Actually anybody who listens to Limbaugh-types on purpose doesn’t deserve the benign moniker of nincompoop. Maybe . . . noncompoop or “those who fear thinking for themselves.”

I won’t go there.

Matchbox art

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I started small. Before I ever put a brush to gessoed board I began to decorate devotional candles and matchboxes.

The idea of painting was intimidating. I didn’t even know if I could draw an image of anything. That was about three years ago.

I am much more comfortable now about painting but still have so much to learn and I always learn everything by experiencing it first hand at least I learn anything I want to spend time doing that way.

But I found my cache of decorated mathcboxes a few months ago and thought “Hey those look pretty good!”

I put a flock of them into my etsy shop ( The first to sell were one with a repurposed image of Boy George and another with a skull and the words “my gun is quick.” Thank you, dear dkt 113.


Then the really bitchin’   Twiggy matchbox sold next to ambo 723 .


Next was Marilyn Manson, though the sweet and talented Texas-based etsy tile artist tilesmile didn’t know Marilyn from a mung bean. She was buying the box to use to bear a sweet gift for her niece.


Finally, the brilliant missamanda82 bought my fave, the Funkadelic Maggot Brain.


I’ll miss that laughing face.

Now I’m waiting to find a home for Annie Oakley.


and Isaac Hayes isaachayes.jpg

Time for art

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 Last night when I got home from work I shrunk Cantinflas! How many women in Redding can say that? I couldn’t wait. It was Cantiflas, the Mexican comic from the early 60s, and I was dying to try out my Shrinky Dink paper. 

Today I rendered an image of Seattle’s Space Needle.

Shrinky Dink kicks ass. It’s the most kid-like art form I’ve tried lately. Just draw an image onto the plastic sheet, stick it into a warm oven for a minute and watch it shrink.

What comes out is one third the size of your original image. It’s perfect for making flat earrings or necklace charms and who wouldn’t find a Cantinflas necklace utterly irresistable? He has a star embedded into the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard along with Marilyn, Clark Gable, Etc.

If you’ve never heard of Cantinflas, Google him. You’ll be glad you did.

I made a prototype of my repurposed children’s books. I found these little hard cardboard books with very thick pages, five pages, ten sides. I covered them with Bristol board and adorned the new pages with my handmade block prints. I was in a hurry and did not photograph the prototype before I stuffed it into a box and mailed it to my daughter with the antique rug she’s been pleading for since she moved to San Francisco. But here is one print of my sexy chick skull.


Isn’t she cute?

I am supposed to be searching the internets for a good refurbished computer so I can run my new Epson Stylus 1800, a great tank of a printer that I had  previously only dreamed I might one day own.

Now I have it but need to upgrade my computer system. My old Max G. Arnold leftover computer is too old to upgrade and Windows 98 won’t cut it for my machine.

I originally found my way to Etsy to sell print prints of my paintings (thanks, Jacob). And I haven’t been able to make them yet . Thank God no one is buying them yet. I haven’t featured them for weeks. But when I do I know someone will fall in love with some of those faces I’ve painted.

Like maybe Gram Parsons.


Hello world!

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Greetings and salutations to all who read these words.

I have taken on about as many creative tasks as I can handle. I’ve crammed my mind with the most tantalizing visions of the things I will begin work on in the near future. I have made lists and lists and filled midnight note pads with ideas all of which must be seriously considered and more than that, actualized. Is that a pop psych word?

So the bottom line is, kids, I though I’d plop one more sloppy serving onto my already Thanksgiving-style loaded plate. 

I’ll be okay. Don’t worry about me, babe. I will survive.

The truth is that I thrive on a good stiff challenge and better yet, dozens. Nothing makes me happier than trying something new, or in this case since I do a mild astrology blog and occasionally, when I’m in a dreamy mood, I wax poetic at myspace .

Three’s the charm, eh?

Of course there is a bit of shameless self-promotion in all boggy pursuits, right? Even though I let myself imagine that no one ever, ever will find this blog, that I will chatter away in the comfort of obscurity, I’ll still go on to mention that I am currently madly in love with showing my handmade arty things at etsy

Okay, I’m a whore for glory but I have my reflective side.

Today is Presidents Day. It’s a state holiday. No mail.

Sadly, I can’t send the cool Funkadelic Maggot Brain matchbox to Amanda in Kent, Washington. She had the ultimate good taste to purchase the little treasure and though i love it so much and it is one of a kind, I want to share it with someone else.

Hey, if you love Elvis especially in his more rotund, inflated, karate-chopping, sweat-flinging, Las Vegas-dementia period. Check out my tribute devotional candle on etsy.