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Hello world!

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Greetings and salutations to all who read these words.

I have taken on about as many creative tasks as I can handle. I’ve crammed my mind with the most tantalizing visions of the things I will begin work on in the near future. I have made lists and lists and filled midnight note pads with ideas all of which must be seriously considered and more than that, actualized. Is that a pop psych word?

So the bottom line is, kids, I though I’d plop one more sloppy serving onto my already Thanksgiving-style loaded plate. 

I’ll be okay. Don’t worry about me, babe. I will survive.

The truth is that I thrive on a good stiff challenge and better yet, dozens. Nothing makes me happier than trying something new, or in this case since I do a mild astrology blog and occasionally, when I’m in a dreamy mood, I wax poetic at myspace .

Three’s the charm, eh?

Of course there is a bit of shameless self-promotion in all boggy pursuits, right? Even though I let myself imagine that no one ever, ever will find this blog, that I will chatter away in the comfort of obscurity, I’ll still go on to mention that I am currently madly in love with showing my handmade arty things at etsy

Okay, I’m a whore for glory but I have my reflective side.

Today is Presidents Day. It’s a state holiday. No mail.

Sadly, I can’t send the cool Funkadelic Maggot Brain matchbox to Amanda in Kent, Washington. She had the ultimate good taste to purchase the little treasure and though i love it so much and it is one of a kind, I want to share it with someone else.

Hey, if you love Elvis especially in his more rotund, inflated, karate-chopping, sweat-flinging, Las Vegas-dementia period. Check out my tribute devotional candle on etsy.