Matchbox art

I started small. Before I ever put a brush to gessoed board I began to decorate devotional candles and matchboxes.

The idea of painting was intimidating. I didn’t even know if I could draw an image of anything. That was about three years ago.

I am much more comfortable now about painting but still have so much to learn and I always learn everything by experiencing it first hand at least I learn anything I want to spend time doing that way.

But I found my cache of decorated mathcboxes a few months ago and thought “Hey those look pretty good!”

I put a flock of them into my etsy shop ( The first to sell were one with a repurposed image of Boy George and another with a skull and the words “my gun is quick.” Thank you, dear dkt 113.


Then the really bitchin’   Twiggy matchbox sold next to ambo 723 .


Next was Marilyn Manson, though the sweet and talented Texas-based etsy tile artist tilesmile didn’t know Marilyn from a mung bean. She was buying the box to use to bear a sweet gift for her niece.


Finally, the brilliant missamanda82 bought my fave, the Funkadelic Maggot Brain.


I’ll miss that laughing face.

Now I’m waiting to find a home for Annie Oakley.


and Isaac Hayes isaachayes.jpg

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