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Rockin’ Good Fun

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I have made a few historical pop culture candles. I mean I’ve decorated a few devotional candles with celebrity elements.


 elvis.jpg and Michael Jackson jackson.jpg are both on

Yesterday I discovered someone else doing alterna devotional candles and she makes her own labels for them!

Vicki Berndt is a talented artist in Los Angeles. Check out her etsy shop BERNDTOFFERINGS.

She has a great Johnny Thunders devotional candle. She includes prayers on the back, too. You need to see it. You need to love it.

Berndt also does custom big-eyed portraits ala the now-famed Margaret Keane stylie thing.

Visit Berndt’s web site to find out about getting yourself done big-eyed. Too cool. I’ll bet you will be ecstatic to know that such an opportunity exists.

I added touches of bright pink to my semi-anime Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

animejeffreyleecl.jpg I guess he looks more like a Disney prince with a subtle 5 o’clock shadow.

But no matter cuz out in the ether of time as it ripples through the universe Jeffrey Lee continues to wail and preach the blues.

Catnip Squid in Australia

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Yesterday my mind was expanded by the thought that I was shipping a catnip squid to South Australia.

Someone with the great name of Clemmie Weatherall bought a big red cat toy from my etsy shop.

When I checked my views this morning I realized that my Squid Family Trio had been featured in an etsy Treasury.

 Pretty neat.


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I drew up a nice sketch of Jeffrey Lee, I started to paint him, put shadings carefully onto his face, painted in the eyes, the lips, my favorites parts of a face to do.

I decided to do the hair in three colors. I was looking at Jeffrey in a photo when he had bleached blonde hair, so there were roots. About three quarters of the way through, I realized he looked sort of anime. There was the touch of a beautiful cartoon prince to him as well.

All his bloated, sensual features are refined and simplified and though I can still see Jeffrey in there, sort of, he’s not the Jeffrey Lee of “Preach the Blues” or “She’s Like Heroin To Me.”

I can’t make people rough looking. I want everybody to be beautiful.

I know this is a flaw in these modern times.

I recently did a drawing of Barrack Obama then inked it. He reminds me of Spock and seems like the world’s smoothest Vulcan. Where would he lead our country? Onto a calm, logical course?

I tried a sketch of Hillary but could not capture her. Hillary has worked hard and wants badly to be able to lead and help this country out of the deep, black hole that George Bush and his sickening, chicken-shit, greedy mofo partners in crime have dropped us into over the last seven years.

I’m convinced and have been from the outset that Americans, even women, are far more misogynist than racist when given a choice between the two. That’s pretty sickening, too.

Today, I just feel like bitching, so forgive me. Maybe it’s Devil Bunny casting a spell on me. He’s really a mighty fine trickster. He can turn your world around, chil’.

I decided today to do a big 8×10 print of Isaac Hayes, you know, Hot Buttered Soul. From one of my tiny decorated matchboxes. Modern technology rocks.


Hey, Baby, come over here . . .

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Jeffrey Lee Pierce

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 “Give me the vision I was born to see.”

That’s Jeffrey Lee Pierce from the song “Promise Me” on Gun Clubs first LP “Fire of Love.” It has such a hypnotic, sexy rhythm. It employs a John Cale drone violin. Trance out with the mighty Jeffrey Lee.

Listen, all us poor boys to the plaintive boy who shook so solemnly.

The evening before last I nursed a desire through all my night dreams to paint Jeffrey Lee Pierce.


The watery (astro reference) man behind the early 80s band Gun Club, has been one of my favorite musicians. I tried to paint him in one of my early portraits but he came out looking like a shy drag queen.


Not that he doesn’t have that in his make up. He had to drink alot to bust through to his performing self. Unfortunately it killed him.

Pleasant Gehman wrote an obit on Jeffrey Lee for Bay Area Musician in 1996.

I guess he was a western terror writer as much as a musician. He had a lot of strange visions in his head. The music is raw and wild and has a sort of giddy up beat. Or it’s snake slinky and sore-souled, white-boy blues.

The boy was from Montebello or El Monte, one of those small, bedroom communities of Los Angeles that spread for miles and miles. Somewhere among and endless sea of suburban crackerbox houses plopped on small lots, nestled in thick vegetation and covered with that brownish patina of smog. What dreams took you, Jeffrey Lee?

Sometimes I dream of learning to present the fruits of my visions in a coherent thematic way. I know it is disconcerting to throw everything you have out there and expect people to pick through it.

I think it would be good to take down everything I have up at etsy and put it back by theme, slowly and deliberately.

As I have said before some do it so right. Stoopid Gerl is the best.

But hey there are thousands upon thousands of people presenting their things there.

Here is a new discovery Hellray77. She is born the day before me and seems to flow with the rowdy Aries power. Good taste in music. Check out her myspace and stay a while for the sights and sounds.

Then go to mine, okay?

I Hate Holidays

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Okay, I’ll admit it. I hate holidays. It’s not really the holidays themselves necessarily but the expectation that all Americans will observe any holiday that has received commercial approval.

“It’s four-leaf clover day!!! Start purchasing green things. Begin to consume mass quantities of green beer. Sing Irish ditties, see double and  throw up green puke!”


Besides St. Pat’s Day in my list of hated faux holidays is Easter. I have not been struck by lightining. It’s a syncretic mess of paganism and Chritianity with a super heavy dose of commerciality and smaltz!

Your children do not need a basket full of toys made in China or nutrition-free candy! STOP the MADNESS.

This year I have given free rein to my feelings. I have created a trickster figure to counteract the Creepy pastel goodness of the time we call Easter.


Mischief may be afoot.  Devil Bunny lives off the sulphurous innards of hard boiled eggs.

Organization and the ripple effect

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So, two (or has it been three?) weeks ago, I built a work table and put it in a nice size, back part of our front room. I was originally planning on building two tables but used the wood for the second table, at least a good part of it, to make a shelf. 

Eventually I realized I wanted all my art stuff in one place. I brought my bricks and board work table from the laundry room and put it into the living room space and now have just about every thing in one place.

Yesterday I was so inspired by the unity I made seven starlight pins. It was my first big project in the new set up.


Very fun to make these things. I’m poised on the brink of disassembling last years Christmas lights. Then I’ll have five new colors to work with. Now, if only I can sell them. Then I can make More, More, More! Muhahaha, Muhahaha!

I found a new favorite item by etsy seller sweetheartsinner. It rocks out with its ?#$@ out! Homey Frankenstein kicks ass.

I have started to watch the new season of Gene Simmons and am freshly amazed by the all the love his family has for one another, and RESPECT, baby. Gene is  a large dork but deep down he’s a moral man and he loves his mother and his life partner Shannon and his kids and his dog, Snippy. Don’t let the boob-fetish fool yah. He’s as old school and loyal as they come. It’s really really refreshing to watch a functional, loving family. Gene and Shannon’s children are so loved. they are brilliant and beautiful. Last season tears would fill my eyes everytime they flashed on the home videos of Gene and Shannon when the kids were young. Sniffle.

I’m also amazed at Gene’s candor. They last two shows I viewed included an anal probe, a colonoscopy and a full on medical stress test.

Shannon had noticed that Gene was feeling a bit fatigued. She had Gene’s mother convince him it was time to go in for some routine check ups and it’s a good thing he did.

I hearby say prayers to all the compassionate helpers in our universe to keep Gene and his peeps healthy. The stress test took a toll and it looked like they were recommendeding him for surgery. Paul Stanley collpsed right before a show with severe rapid pulse and dehydration the night of the Kiss concert in San Diego about the time of the last Comicon. Boys we are getting on in years.

New Computer, Old Quirks and the Root of All Evil

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I am speaking to you today from deep within a financial hole. It’s okay, don’t worry, I’m used to being here. I visit regularly. I’m a dreamy sort and my math skills leave alot to be desired.

That’s not to say that I am not organized. I am and if you looked in the dictionary, not wait, in a quote book for the pearl of wisdom “Necessity is the mother of invention.” My face would be there.

I find it thrilling to create something out of nothing. “Nothing” is relative. One woman’s nothing is another woman’s shitload of wonderous delight.

And I have found that being broke is relative. people of a certain economic class may say they are broke and that could mean they are getting close to being down to having only thousands of dollars in their bank accounts. Or they have only thousands and all their real assets.

But hey, if you’re wincing now with the mere mention of money, finances, debt, welcome to my world.

I’m doing pretty good but it’s relative. When I don’t think about money or health insurance or food and gas prices the worls is so much brighter. Even when I do think of them I know that I am really good at getting by on very little and I am not alone.

It’s a thrill to know that freegans everywhere share my ideas about these things.

But enough of that . On to my next rant for this great morning (I mean that sincerely). One of the recent rickety ladders that lead down the debt hole was the purchase of a “new” computer. The refurbished, souped-up Gateway I bought has many quirks. It’s favorite thing to do its to send out error messages and it seems to have a problem downloading programs. My theory, based in absolute technical ignorance, is that it is related to anti-virus and spyware programs that came with the computer and then during set up were uninstalled by my son so that I might experience gazelle-like speed while net surfing and doing my delightful business on etsy. I am very cautious when opening Email. I have no file sharing program. I believe and son, Brian, concurred, that I was pretty safe with AdAware.

 If a miracle occurs and this post finds its way into the hands of a truly computer savvy person who instanly recognizes the malady, feel free to comment.

Did I share the thing about using your illusions?

Some things are real.


SOmethings are free when you’re low on the chips. Like looking at artists on

This Florida woman, doing biz as SourOctopus is fantastic!

When I geet clear of the massive (it’s relative) financial miscalculations I’ve made I’m buying this. Beautiful. She’s new and hasn’t sold anything yet. If you’re reading this and you’ve got $2o-$25 burning a hole in your pocket treat yourself to a SourOctopus piece.

The moon may still be in Pisces which is good for creating art.  I’ve got an hour before work.

I made this last week.