New Computer, Old Quirks and the Root of All Evil


I am speaking to you today from deep within a financial hole. It’s okay, don’t worry, I’m used to being here. I visit regularly. I’m a dreamy sort and my math skills leave alot to be desired.

That’s not to say that I am not organized. I am and if you looked in the dictionary, not wait, in a quote book for the pearl of wisdom “Necessity is the mother of invention.” My face would be there.

I find it thrilling to create something out of nothing. “Nothing” is relative. One woman’s nothing is another woman’s shitload of wonderous delight.

And I have found that being broke is relative. people of a certain economic class may say they are broke and that could mean they are getting close to being down to having only thousands of dollars in their bank accounts. Or they have only thousands and all their real assets.

But hey, if you’re wincing now with the mere mention of money, finances, debt, welcome to my world.

I’m doing pretty good but it’s relative. When I don’t think about money or health insurance or food and gas prices the worls is so much brighter. Even when I do think of them I know that I am really good at getting by on very little and I am not alone.

It’s a thrill to know that freegans everywhere share my ideas about these things.

But enough of that . On to my next rant for this great morning (I mean that sincerely). One of the recent rickety ladders that lead down the debt hole was the purchase of a “new” computer. The refurbished, souped-up Gateway I bought has many quirks. It’s favorite thing to do its to send out error messages and it seems to have a problem downloading programs. My theory, based in absolute technical ignorance, is that it is related to anti-virus and spyware programs that came with the computer and then during set up were uninstalled by my son so that I might experience gazelle-like speed while net surfing and doing my delightful business on etsy. I am very cautious when opening Email. I have no file sharing program. I believe and son, Brian, concurred, that I was pretty safe with AdAware.

 If a miracle occurs and this post finds its way into the hands of a truly computer savvy person who instanly recognizes the malady, feel free to comment.

Did I share the thing about using your illusions?

Some things are real.


SOmethings are free when you’re low on the chips. Like looking at artists on

This Florida woman, doing biz as SourOctopus is fantastic!

When I geet clear of the massive (it’s relative) financial miscalculations I’ve made I’m buying this. Beautiful. She’s new and hasn’t sold anything yet. If you’re reading this and you’ve got $2o-$25 burning a hole in your pocket treat yourself to a SourOctopus piece.

The moon may still be in Pisces which is good for creating art.  I’ve got an hour before work.

I made this last week.



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