Catnip Squid in Australia

Yesterday my mind was expanded by the thought that I was shipping a catnip squid to South Australia.

Someone with the great name of Clemmie Weatherall bought a big red cat toy from my etsy shop.

When I checked my views this morning I realized that my Squid Family Trio had been featured in an etsy Treasury.

 Pretty neat.


2 Responses to “Catnip Squid in Australia”

  1. Hello,
    Just vainly searching my name on google to see what comes up and came accross your blog 🙂 Just letting you know that even though my cat has lost his interest in catnip he still enjoys chasing the tentacles and the squid is a great costume prop! Mini squiddy badge has also had lots of compliments!
    Here’s a pic (hope you can see it):!/photo.php?pid=3553505&op=2&o=global&view=global&subj=508035848&id=558512026

  2. Clemi what a wonderful surprise to hear from you. And what a lovely face you have! I checked out your picture on Facebook.

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