Rockin’ Good Fun

I have made a few historical pop culture candles. I mean I’ve decorated a few devotional candles with celebrity elements.


 elvis.jpg and Michael Jackson jackson.jpg are both on

Yesterday I discovered someone else doing alterna devotional candles and she makes her own labels for them!

Vicki Berndt is a talented artist in Los Angeles. Check out her etsy shop BERNDTOFFERINGS.

She has a great Johnny Thunders devotional candle. She includes prayers on the back, too. You need to see it. You need to love it.

Berndt also does custom big-eyed portraits ala the now-famed Margaret Keane stylie thing.

Visit Berndt’s web site to find out about getting yourself done big-eyed. Too cool. I’ll bet you will be ecstatic to know that such an opportunity exists.

I added touches of bright pink to my semi-anime Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

animejeffreyleecl.jpg I guess he looks more like a Disney prince with a subtle 5 o’clock shadow.

But no matter cuz out in the ether of time as it ripples through the universe Jeffrey Lee continues to wail and preach the blues.


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