More Squid, the post

I started my day off with a photo session with my new squid.

I made a small pink plush squid last week. She wears a medieval cone and streamer hat. See her here.

I used a page I had taken from a large book as her background environment. So she sits in front of a castle.

I did the same for Devil Bunny but he’s on the scene of a large fire, he he he.

Come on, people. What do I have to do to get you to notice?

It probably involves an escalated sense of attention to detail. You probably want perfection, right?

You probably expect professional quality work.

I am what I am – flawed, wiggly, prone to distractability. I promise never to change. I will use my brain for the creation of strange art as long as I am able.

If I end up like Daniel Johnston, I know you will still love me. Thanks.

I gotta write some kid’s songs or to be more explicit, some songs that come from my overwhelming inner kid.



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