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Popcorn Frog

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Good morning and welcome to my world. I am up at the luxuriously late hour of 9 a.m.

Above is a quick pix I tried of a little piece of popcorn. I thought it looked like a frog.

I stuck it on a pin and wedged it among three plastic stars. It’s rather drab. I think I need stronger bulb in the lamps I place outside my light box.

I’m thinking about photos and about my mess of a Flickr Stream.

I am an optimist and a child at heart. I am imagining the process of refining its contents. It shall come to pass.

Here’s a new photo I took when last at the post office.

I imagine a series of postcards or notecards. They are probably too weird and abstract for massive Wal-Mart level consumption. That’s a good thing.

I absolutely have to make myself take the Photoshop class next semester. I’ve been saying that for two years now.

I love industrial material. This is a big pipe on a flatbed that was parked on Hilltop Drive.

This is the photo “posterized” in Gimp. I guess I could Play around with that program and stop being intimidated. I should buy the $50 book and learn how to use it.

I’ve got crap chores to do today. The fun must be postponed for a few hours. I could just get lost Playing all day if reality didn’t intrude. But hey, life has so much variety. That’s what keeps it fresh.

I bought stuff. Forgive me, freegans

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mixtape earrings I snatched those pink delights from CBTsCloset. The pink mix tape earring I spoke of yesterday. Couldn’t help myself.

I also purchased a cd  from superdog . The boy, Luke, is from Wilmington, North Carolina.

I am finding the most interesting work from the southern regions of our country. Some I’m sure has to do with a tradition of craft and with a unique point of view that we are all in our different ways hell bent on expression. I say YES!

Last night, unable to wait any longer, I did a BittyPix of Robyn Hitchcock. I love Robyn’s music, his freewheeling creativity, his intensity and his looks, too. He’s a tasty tart with a sublime bite.

It turned out very well. Isn’t he yummy?

 I recently purchased an older album, Black Snake Diamond Roll.

I have yet to get through the whole thing. It seems my time is split up into little bits but soon I will have time alone in the car to give it my full attention.

It was originally released in 1980 and rereleased in 1995. (Thank you, Modesto Kid! Check out his beautiful blog).

If you have never heard Robyn Hitchcock. Find some and listen. Jonathan Demme made a musical performance documentary, “Storefront Hitchcock,” that you can rent from Netflix.

I have been going apeshit (quaint term that I’m sure Robyn never uses) lately making glass neck charms. I still tremble before the masterly work of my favorite resin girls, cbtscloset.

Brilliance from cbtscloset (obviously not the resin-work picture you might have expected. I’m easily distracted . Check this out. It’s so cute.

 And stoopidgerl. Below V

So, though I have my little easy resin kit I’ll wait until summer weather is really here to try my second set of  resin stuff and I’ll work in pre-poured glass.


One Down and 99 More to Go

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  I woke up insanely early. About 5:30 a.m. but stayed under the covers until about 6.

I decided it would be a good time to tackle some Blog and Flicker stuff. I had chosen to have a Flicker widget on my blog from the get go. For months it has been random peoples photographs instead of my own because a.) I love photos , anybody’s

and b.) I did not know how to get my stream in that lil’ widget.

It took a while but I figured it out and now the Flicker photo bar on my blog is me all me.

After a few days of drooling over  Stoopidgerl’s Flicker, a magnificent feast of hundreds of photos, I knew I had to push myself.

 This is a Stoopidgerl’s photo of a Nikki Sixx resin necklace she made. It rocks for days and days.

There will be no whimp in my soul when it comes to cultivating my own aesthetic.

 The Dalai Lama at a bus stop.

I like to remind myself that Tibetan monks are praying for our liberation at this very moment.




Now here is something else that I was thrilled to encounter recently.

CBTsCloset at etsy has made divine earrings.

Who are We?

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I was just strolling, visually, through the long list of blogs that i have saved in my favorites on this computer.

I found my way to a blog with beautiful pictures and interesting words, a personal diary of a life and a person living it bravely through fresh changes.

I had no idea who the person was. A look at the blog roll list narrowed it down. It was someone related to my “day” job which is really my “afternoon weekends” job. The references in the earliests post about leaving the advertising department gave me more clues but I don’t know the person’s name.

Are we not supposed to care anymore or is it a new meld of private/public existence?

My name is not on my blog. There must be a profile element here. I think I filled one out when I started this blog.

I have an old picture attached to the initial sign in spot.

I could have a stand in image since I am absolutely the least photogenic person alive. I would post that image at the top of the page on each post. That is Guilietta Masina at the top of this page. I fell in love with her whe I first saw La Strata. Ah, Fellini! And then more so with Nights of Cabiria.

I do not look much like Guilietta but I loved her character in La Strata, her innocence and faith.

Here I am and not long ago.

My Gemini Rising is showing.

Thre is a bright comic calendar hanging on the wall behind me.


I vow to use my next three days off knitting together creations in color, uniting characters that i have invented in all the different forms in Darcyarts.Etsy shop. It will be an undertaking that will stretch out for weeks.

I may become discouraged. I may bitch and moan.

I will do it to it.


You Know I Love Andy

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Andy Warhol was one of the coolest Americans hatched this last century. He dug strange people, encouraged everyone to create supported the Velvet Underground, implanted Nico into their midst loved and honored drag queens and understood, better than anyone else, the psychic motivations of capitalism and celebrity worship.

Though he felt like a haunted Catholic ugly duckling at times deep inside I think he knew that he was a stunning creature with a searingly brilliant and alien intelligence. Amen.

Prints available at darcyarts.etsy


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Most of the art work, and especially the portraits I have created come from a sweet festering obsession.

I write here today because while browsing through the treasuries at etsy I stumbled upon a gal who has put her obsessive tendencies to work and come up with a really impressive gift to mankind.


Miss Pin Productions is a Rhode Island team. The female among them has been making Ramones dolls for 25 years out of sculpey clay. Too cool. She has a very big selection and has honed her craft to the point that she can capture the features of Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny and Tommy with minimal facial formation. I bow to her tenacity. Joey is my favorite. I love Taurus folks.

Another nod this day has to go to etsian nouveaumotley of Oakland. Among her finely crafted treasures, which include very nice “quote” badges and unique neck charms and images, she makes the most wonderful solid scents, with vegan-friendly ingredients and natural scent-bases, and then sends them to you in a beatiful hand-decorated little tin with a screw on lid. You get a half an ounce of smooth sweet solid oil that will last you a very long time.

I have just purchased my second little tin. The first was ambergris, a scent I had been searching for for a very long time. The new one is oak moss, a scent i only fanticized about having as a perfume. Ever smell oak moss? It grows on the many oak trees that grow here in Redding, CA. It really is enchanting. Fresh from nature, babies.

If, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, enthusiasm is the engine of success, then I must say that the best thing about etsy is the possibility that you will find something very unique and right up your alley. Anything I promote is done with the most sincere admiration for the creator.

There are alot of imaginative, good-energy folks selling their wares on etsy. Etsy appeals to our longing for that village sensibility, nostalgia for the mud, one might say.

Yes, sometimes it feels that there are hoards of people trying to make a buck, but most of those I’ve checked in on are creating out of a deep desire to make something useful, beautiful, amusing or challenging. or better yet a combination of all those ingredients.

I get a little testy when there is an overload of pretty and “appropriate” stuff drifting through on the Buy Scroll but I understand that it is a free country and capitalism demands that product be provided for everyone with a fist full of dollars (that don’t go in your gas tank).

MANIFESTO = Let’s walk more, ride bikes and grow our own veggies so we can spend more money on the fine, charming and surprising work of etsians!! Never, ever go to the fricking mall. Wear any kind of neck charm you desire.

Shake it up and buy yourself a meat tray from the gloriously cantankerous Hellray77 from Boone, North Carolina.









MUSHROOMS = Lastly for this rant, my Bitty Pix Boy with Mushrooms got put into a treasury assembled by artgoodies.

 How would you describe the look on his face? What is he thinking?

I have a new hand sewn work that is ‘shroomerific.

I liked making it so much I’m going to make others.

You can’t stop me.


This puffy mushroom is almost six inches tall and I stuck a weight into the base so it stays upright. It is decor or you can use it as a pin cushion.

Disclaimer = Amanita Muscaria is poison, people. Spare your liver. They are only food for gnomes.

Four Days to Play

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Away from scanners and newspaper ink for four whole days, I am reveling in just doing the art work.

I made a bunch of really small Biity Pix today.

I still have to put them on the watercolor paper.

This is an advance view of my next T.V. Lunchbox. Yes! Fraggle Rock. You know it plays deep down in the interior of your soul. I even included the little dooser (far right), those weird little construction worker guys.

I did a Sally Bowles from Caberet. I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. I have Judy Garland stamps, I adore Jeff Buckley. If that is not yet a deeply gay thing it will be honey. His goal he said while still alive, was to be a chanteuse with a penis. What a delight. What a tender gift.

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A manatee couple and a human couple from the turn of the last century on their way to Love Land.

Doesn’t that sound like one of those slow R & B songs fromthe 60s? Speaking of which, the next Bitty Pix to be created for the Black and Beautiful wing of my Bitty Pix gallery will be Don Cornelius and Soul Train. Anyone who need to catch up with this piece of history check it out.

I had such a great day. I was deeply touched by Etsian kindness twice in one day. I found out that the woman who bought a print of my painting of Townes van Zandt, liked it so much she linked to an etsy mini that she put together of all my paintings. I was floored. Thank you so much, Alexa Frango of Chicago. Her blog pop elegantarium is way cool (and not just because I’m mentioned).

The day turned thoroughly wonderful after I received a package from etsian Michelle Rocha at Cbtscloset. It had the beautiful black resin heart with the heart-eyed skull necklace that I’d been dreaming of wearing with certain outfits. I’m not a fashionista . Nope, I do have a certain something to how I put my outfits together, but it’s really funky and down to earth. This necklace will really spice up all my olive drab stylie things.

There were two little jewelry boxes in the package and one contained the super special and much beloved piece of CBTs work that I’ve been dreaming of. Really, I shed happy little tears. My best and most grateful vibes are circulating around San Antonio tonight.

There are so many truley (that’s wrong but so right) cool things at Cbtscloset.

There are many things soon to be of significant historical value. Especially the Obama and Hillary, smiling and wearing boxing gloves earrings. Do not miss them.

And how about this Chupacabra? Quelle Narly.

chupacabra, uh uh!


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I was sitting there listening to the scanner when the call came over _ traffic collision – solo vehicle rollover. It was late into a Sunday evening and about the only way to get information from the California Highway Patrol seven hours into my shift at the newspaper is to go to the scene.

I’d heard plenty of rollovers lately in which, luckily, no one was too badly hurt. If the car was going really fast and the poor suckers inside happened to collide with a stationary object, say a tree or a freeway abuttment, well, that would be a different story.

So, I sat at my desk deep into reading through and typing up items from the police logs. I wavered on going to the accident. I imagined my cranky editor growling that I shouldn’t go to the scene, unnecessary, waste of time, etc.

I can usually get the CHP dispatcher to confirm elements of the accident reported on the CHP traffic report web site. I got more alarmed as the facts of the wreck failed to materialize on the site.

Three ambulances were called to cart away the injured. I listened to the EMTs report the conditions of the incoming patients. A 45-year-old woman had been ejected from the vehicle. Not good, but she didn’t sound too bad. She had regained consciousness. They rated her clarity a 3 on a scale of 10. She was woozy but talking. She had a messed up arm.

The 9-year-old boy in his seatbelt in the back seat was doing very well. They took him in to the hospital just to be on the safe side. I missed the info on the third person.

After a call to CHP dispatch yielded no information, no confirmation of what I already knew, I decided even though it was late in the game I should go out. I’d take my last hour, go down there, 10 miles away, and see if the officers still at the scene could give me the basics or confirm what I’d heard. I was experiencing an uncomfortable amount of angst. I couldn’t really afford the gas. I was only getting reimbursed 28 bucks for the last two weeks worth of story-related traveling. What about my worn out tires, the tune up my car needs? The stingy mileage allowance wasn’t paying for any of those things.

But it was time to go, now or never, so I went. The two officers at the scene weren’t the mouthpiece I needed. They were just doing their technical job at the scene and knew nothing. You’d be surprised how practiced many law enforcement folks are at being clueless. I’m not saying they’re stupid. It’s just their m.o. to not share what they know if they can get away with it.


As you can imagine that makes my job a tad difficult. My cranky editor wants us all to be Edna Buchannan. Don’t come back without the info! Don’t take no for an answer! What do you mean they don’t know? They know!!!

I have a very strong life-drive. I wish I was more fearless and thougless or could disregard the fact that most of the cops are armed. 

Nobody knew nuthin. I even cruised the hospitals looking for the CHP officers whom I was told did know what happened.  Nothing.

But out of Nothing came something. I drove up over the crest of the hills near one hospital just as the sun was setting. I was listening to Brian Jonestown Massacre’s sublime “Space Girl”.  I came around a bend to see a beatiful, crazy boy I once worked with at the college paper. He was walking with his partner. They were holding hands. Their young daughter was perched comfortable in a pack on his back.

They looked beautiful, and the music was beautiful and the coming dusk was beautiful and I had those intense Ah! Life! rushes that you get when a moment is redeemed by Love and Possibility.

A photo at dusk from Etsian Blurrylens.

Expect these kinds of miraculous mind rescues and you’ll be better off. Don’t freeze into a low expectation mode. Don’t spread low expectations to your brothers and sisters. Life is a carnival and there are bright people doing and creating and being poetic all the freakin time, bra. Expect the sublime unexpected.


From Etsian Stoopidgerl.



Is small better?

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The internal argument continues to rage about the ethics of creating more things in a world already so full of things.

I had a momentary flash of happiness when I thought to myself, well at least I’m making very tiny things instead of painting 6 x 7 foot canvases. That is not to say that if I was Julian Schnabel and lived in a gloriously large castle in the middle of New york City I wouldn’t paint monster-size canvases in vibrant shades of red and tobbacco colors.

Does it matter that my things are bitty? Will it all end up on the junk heap anyway? I mean who really need a micro version of the front of a 70s TV show lunchbox?

People like stuff and here in America, at least for the time being, we have the luxury, most of us of having places to keep our treasures, large or small. We can roll through Panda Express in our gasoline powerd auto and take home a drool-inducing, steaming bowl of tofu and eggplant on chow mein. How much should we take and how much should we make for others to take?

I’ve been hearing alot about carbon foot print. We do need to walk this earth with more awareness of what were leaving behind. It’s easy to feel frustrated and powerless. Why in Gods name are we still having to be reliant upon fossil fuel. There are other alternatives. Why haven’t we started moving towards the best of them already?

How does any group of people gain consensus on anything?  There are so many evil jesters about distracting folks. The jesters lead us into mindless examination of meaningless minutiae  and often we choose to go there ourselves.

I guess mind trips like this are why I like to get lost in making things in the first place. Sweet escape. Sometimes it’s better if I don’t think.