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Is small better?

Posted in Uncategorized on May 1, 2008 by darcyarts

The internal argument continues to rage about the ethics of creating more things in a world already so full of things.

I had a momentary flash of happiness when I thought to myself, well at least I’m making very tiny things instead of painting 6 x 7 foot canvases. That is not to say that if I was Julian Schnabel and lived in a gloriously large castle in the middle of New york City I wouldn’t paint monster-size canvases in vibrant shades of red and tobbacco colors.

Does it matter that my things are bitty? Will it all end up on the junk heap anyway? I mean who really need a micro version of the front of a 70s TV show lunchbox?

People like stuff and here in America, at least for the time being, we have the luxury, most of us of having places to keep our treasures, large or small. We can roll through Panda Express in our gasoline powerd auto and take home a drool-inducing, steaming bowl of tofu and eggplant on chow mein. How much should we take and how much should we make for others to take?

I’ve been hearing alot about carbon foot print. We do need to walk this earth with more awareness of what were leaving behind. It’s easy to feel frustrated and powerless. Why in Gods name are we still having to be reliant upon fossil fuel. There are other alternatives. Why haven’t we started moving towards the best of them already?

How does any group of people gain consensus on anything?  There are so many evil jesters about distracting folks. The jesters lead us into mindless examination of meaningless minutiae  and often we choose to go there ourselves.

I guess mind trips like this are why I like to get lost in making things in the first place. Sweet escape. Sometimes it’s better if I don’t think.