Popcorn Frog

Good morning and welcome to my world. I am up at the luxuriously late hour of 9 a.m.

Above is a quick pix I tried of a little piece of popcorn. I thought it looked like a frog.

I stuck it on a pin and wedged it among three plastic stars. It’s rather drab. I think I need stronger bulb in the lamps I place outside my light box.

I’m thinking about photos and about my mess of a Flickr Stream.

I am an optimist and a child at heart. I am imagining the process of refining its contents. It shall come to pass.

Here’s a new photo I took when last at the post office.

I imagine a series of postcards or notecards. They are probably too weird and abstract for massive Wal-Mart level consumption. That’s a good thing.

I absolutely have to make myself take the Photoshop class next semester. I’ve been saying that for two years now.

I love industrial material. This is a big pipe on a flatbed that was parked on Hilltop Drive.

This is the photo “posterized” in Gimp. I guess I could Play around with that program and stop being intimidated. I should buy the $50 book and learn how to use it.

I’ve got crap chores to do today. The fun must be postponed for a few hours. I could just get lost Playing all day if reality didn’t intrude. But hey, life has so much variety. That’s what keeps it fresh.

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