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I was sitting there listening to the scanner when the call came over _ traffic collision – solo vehicle rollover. It was late into a Sunday evening and about the only way to get information from the California Highway Patrol seven hours into my shift at the newspaper is to go to the scene.

I’d heard plenty of rollovers lately in which, luckily, no one was too badly hurt. If the car was going really fast and the poor suckers inside happened to collide with a stationary object, say a tree or a freeway abuttment, well, that would be a different story.

So, I sat at my desk deep into reading through and typing up items from the police logs. I wavered on going to the accident. I imagined my cranky editor growling that I shouldn’t go to the scene, unnecessary, waste of time, etc.

I can usually get the CHP dispatcher to confirm elements of the accident reported on the CHP traffic report web site. I got more alarmed as the facts of the wreck failed to materialize on the site.

Three ambulances were called to cart away the injured. I listened to the EMTs report the conditions of the incoming patients. A 45-year-old woman had been ejected from the vehicle. Not good, but she didn’t sound too bad. She had regained consciousness. They rated her clarity a 3 on a scale of 10. She was woozy but talking. She had a messed up arm.

The 9-year-old boy in his seatbelt in the back seat was doing very well. They took him in to the hospital just to be on the safe side. I missed the info on the third person.

After a call to CHP dispatch yielded no information, no confirmation of what I already knew, I decided even though it was late in the game I should go out. I’d take my last hour, go down there, 10 miles away, and see if the officers still at the scene could give me the basics or confirm what I’d heard. I was experiencing an uncomfortable amount of angst. I couldn’t really afford the gas. I was only getting reimbursed 28 bucks for the last two weeks worth of story-related traveling. What about my worn out tires, the tune up my car needs? The stingy mileage allowance wasn’t paying for any of those things.

But it was time to go, now or never, so I went. The two officers at the scene weren’t the mouthpiece I needed. They were just doing their technical job at the scene and knew nothing. You’d be surprised how practiced many law enforcement folks are at being clueless. I’m not saying they’re stupid. It’s just their m.o. to not share what they know if they can get away with it.


As you can imagine that makes my job a tad difficult. My cranky editor wants us all to be Edna Buchannan. Don’t come back without the info! Don’t take no for an answer! What do you mean they don’t know? They know!!!

I have a very strong life-drive. I wish I was more fearless and thougless or could disregard the fact that most of the cops are armed. 

Nobody knew nuthin. I even cruised the hospitals looking for the CHP officers whom I was told did know what happened.  Nothing.

But out of Nothing came something. I drove up over the crest of the hills near one hospital just as the sun was setting. I was listening to Brian Jonestown Massacre’s sublime “Space Girl”.  I came around a bend to see a beatiful, crazy boy I once worked with at the college paper. He was walking with his partner. They were holding hands. Their young daughter was perched comfortable in a pack on his back.

They looked beautiful, and the music was beautiful and the coming dusk was beautiful and I had those intense Ah! Life! rushes that you get when a moment is redeemed by Love and Possibility.

A photo at dusk from Etsian Blurrylens.

Expect these kinds of miraculous mind rescues and you’ll be better off. Don’t freeze into a low expectation mode. Don’t spread low expectations to your brothers and sisters. Life is a carnival and there are bright people doing and creating and being poetic all the freakin time, bra. Expect the sublime unexpected.


From Etsian Stoopidgerl.



Is small better?

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The internal argument continues to rage about the ethics of creating more things in a world already so full of things.

I had a momentary flash of happiness when I thought to myself, well at least I’m making very tiny things instead of painting 6 x 7 foot canvases. That is not to say that if I was Julian Schnabel and lived in a gloriously large castle in the middle of New york City I wouldn’t paint monster-size canvases in vibrant shades of red and tobbacco colors.

Does it matter that my things are bitty? Will it all end up on the junk heap anyway? I mean who really need a micro version of the front of a 70s TV show lunchbox?

People like stuff and here in America, at least for the time being, we have the luxury, most of us of having places to keep our treasures, large or small. We can roll through Panda Express in our gasoline powerd auto and take home a drool-inducing, steaming bowl of tofu and eggplant on chow mein. How much should we take and how much should we make for others to take?

I’ve been hearing alot about carbon foot print. We do need to walk this earth with more awareness of what were leaving behind. It’s easy to feel frustrated and powerless. Why in Gods name are we still having to be reliant upon fossil fuel. There are other alternatives. Why haven’t we started moving towards the best of them already?

How does any group of people gain consensus on anything?  There are so many evil jesters about distracting folks. The jesters lead us into mindless examination of meaningless minutiae  and often we choose to go there ourselves.

I guess mind trips like this are why I like to get lost in making things in the first place. Sweet escape. Sometimes it’s better if I don’t think.