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Don’t Warp Your Children.

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When one grows up in the care of folks who believe it is their duty to bend a child’s mind to fit their world view that child finds ways of rebelling. First though, they must survive with their sanity relatively intact.

One of my real life super heroes, R. Crumb, managed to pull his own ass out of that confusion fire. His brothers were less fortunate. What I love about Crumb is his diligent work ethic. To see him constantly with pen or pencil in hand making the detailed, beautiful things he makes, just in the course of filming the Crumb documentary, is inspiring. It’s mind boggling, too, to witness such a steady flow of self-expression. It’s his safety net. Put it on your Netflix list asap if you haven’t seen it.

“It’s just lines,” he says. True but his talent is undeniable.

He is a real old school craftsman. If somehow you haven’t managed to take in the breadth of his work get thee to the internets and search. Here is a family run site. They sell R. Crumb prints here but they sell out fast.

Here’s a article from 2000 by Steve Burgess.

Another artist who has managed to survive early mistreatment is Liz McGrath. Her Catholic parents sent her to a really freaking, crazy and perverted Baptist school for girls. She speaks of it in this interview.

Her work is amazing, intriguing and very unusual.

You can click on Liz McGrath, above to see plenty more of her work.

She lives in Los Angeles and has a band, Miss Derriger.

The internet is rich with information on so many interesting artists. It’s one of my favorite things about being alive now, in this life time. I can find info anytime I want. I could learn 24/7 if I could go without sleep.