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Obama and His Spud Friend

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 This image came across our television screen today and I just had to capture it. Priceless. Barack is so happy to be hanging with Mr. Potato Head and that makes me happy.

I’m listing this BittyPix on Etsy tommorrow. After I finish this post my right hand will be finished for the day.

I was very active today. No, not like that. I was making Bittys.

I did another Robyn Hitchcock for my friend. I want to show you the picture of it here because I found that an interesting thing happens when you cook the Shrinky Dink just a little too long. The Ruff and Ready Shrinky becomes transparent and looks like glass.

This would be very good for jewelry. I’ll have to try a pair of earrings cooked to crystal perfection. You can’t really see the effect too clearly because of the white paper frame here but it looks just like a window pane.

I was all up in the cutting and drawing and such today.

I made two star stamps for printing.

I want to use them to put tiny stars on myself cuz I love stars. If I put stars on my body everyone will think I’m a Kat Von D groupie, which I am but I wanted star tattoo before I even heard of Miami Ink and then became enslaved to watching the brilliant girls and guy on LA Ink.

I draw tattoos onto my hand and wrists with permanent markers because with my love of variety I have never been able to come up with something I’d enjoy forever. Permanent markers are not permanent on skin by the way, but they do last a day or two. 

These are the two star stamps I made today all on one piece of paper.

I can use the new stamps to make cool borders on things.

Or as, I said I can dot myself with them when I get in the mood.

I am going to try stamping fabric with my silkscreen paint someday.


These are stamps of a Mayan head I made last week. I may need to carve a little more white onto the face for contrast.

But now that I’ve mentioned Kat Von D, I’m going to have to think about making a BittyPix of her.

It will happen.

I think she is beautiful and I love the way she squeals with delight. Does that make me gay? 


My boyfriend, Frank and I decided along time ago that we were in-betweenies. On that scale that runs from supermasculine to superfeminine we feel we are about in the middle, kinda girl, kinda boy in just the right degree that together we really click.

That’s him on my devotional Love candle. Beside the candle is a really cute red Toadhead he made me.

You can see more of his work at his etsy shop Tiddinips.

Here is my current fave. Cute lil dragon head.