Real and Altered

It’s real if it says it’s Real, right?

Someone got very into putting their thing in the wind here.

I wish I knew more about this artist >

This tag was affixed to a heavy concrete barrier placed at an  access point to an inviting hill out near Shasta College.

I think “off-roaders” like to go there and rip up the place.

No doubt, it’s private property.  Someone used the blank off-white space to make a statement. I love that there is a whole between the R and the e. I love the colors.

Check this out:

 This is from a website that is thick with interesting stuff.

It seems to be a blog called I cannot vouch for all the content. It could be the work of a madman. there are lots of cool things to look at.

This image is said there to have once been connected to a Williams Burroughs project.

I believe they attribute the illustration Malcolm MacNeill.

I know nothing about it other than this is hella cool.

Spacemen and wrench-headed ghost skeletons and Mayans.




2 Responses to “Real and Altered”

  1. I really like the juxtaposition of the Mayan, space man, wrench, gun and so on. The text at the top probably says “taco bell” 🙂

  2. U.S.ish Spaceman: “I come bearing gifts. Behold the crunchwrap supreme.”

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