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The Most Interesting Thing

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“What is happening? How have you been? Got to go but I’ll see you again. Ah, the music is so loud.”


For me the most intereting reading material, beside biographies, is anything dealing with the exploration of past lives or past life regression therapy.

I have read many books, most of them by reputable physicians like Dr. Raymond Moody, psychiatrist Brian L. Weiss or British psychotherapist Roger Woolger. I want to read serious studies. Explorations undertaken by those in the scientific community give creedence to this topic.

Moody is the first physician to let the cat out of the bag in a formal way here in the U.S. Most physicians have numerious experiences of their very ill or dying patients confiding in them about their experiences in the other world. Few Dr.s will openly talk about it.  Moody recorded his patients experiences and presented them in a book Life After Life.

The retelling of near death experiences has become fairly common today. Weiss has made and appearance on Oprah. That makes this knowledge pretty mainstream.

There are others, like hypnotherapist Michael Newton, who have made it their life’s work to research how the whole thing works and they have found some very interesting things come up over and over. Newton’s book Journey of Souls is really fascinating to read if you have any interest in this subject. He accidentally discovered while doing past life regressions that souls or the essence of us human beings exist in another realm when we are out of body.

I am currently reading “Soul Search: Spiritual Growth Through a Knowledge of Past Lifetimes” by Glenn Williston, a psycho therapist, and Judith Johnstone. It was published in 1983. It is just a very basic run down of this person’s case work and the conclusions that he has come to based on his experience with his clients. 

According to all the things I have read we chose to come back to this planet over and over and interact with other familiar souls in order to grow spiritually. We have played many roles in one anothers many lives and will continue to do so.

There is a Life Between Life regression therapist working in Paradise.

David M. Pierce has gone through hours of training to become certified in that specific approach. I was thinking about contacting him and trying a few sessions. Now though I just want to send him good energy and wish for him a safe passage through the fires raging near him.

Frank and I would both love to see behind that mysterious curtain between lives. I’ll let you know when we begin and what we find.

I would love to hear about first hand experiences of those who have had near death experiences or those who have undergone past life regression or anything related. Anyone have a story to share? You can contact me at