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New Andy Miniprints

Posted in Art, etsy, music with tags , , , , , , , on June 14, 2008 by darcyarts

Yesterday, in concert with a trip to the downtown post office, I stopped by Ellis Art to grab a large soft carving block. My latest image of Andy was too big to fit onto a small eraser block and I really wanted to try it.

I photographed my test sheet process. I refine the block image until I get the print just the way I want it.

In the last print on the bottom right I have added (by subtraction) little radiant lines around his head halo.

These measure about 2.50 x 2.75 inches. I guess that means I can list them on Bittypix.

When I opened the Bittypix shop I meant for it to be the toned-down alternative to the Whabam! color joint that is my Darcyarts shop.

You can see by looking at My Flickr photos posted on the right that I love color.

Color has been sneaking into my Bittypix. My Bootsy for week 6 is chartreuse and aqua!


I guess I just can’t help myself.