Frida and Tofu

Holy Mother! There is a Frida Kahlo exhibit at the S.F. Museum of Modern Art!!!! It opened yesterday. Juxtapoz magazine has an online piece with pix and great info.

I must go south and make this pilgrimage. She was so very, very possessed of the will and the magic. I’m so glad they did not let Madonna play her in any movie!

Remember, every first Tuesday of the month is free-admission day at all S.F. museums. Plan your trip now.

Also LA Weekly has coverage and a slide show of the Haley Collective art opening. I noticed instantly the very interesting work of Vanae Rivera. There is more on Rivera and the Haley collective in Juxtapoz.

Here is the best thing I’ve seen this weekend:

 This is from cbtscloset.

Beautiful colors and light and the cutest tofu you have ever seen.

Check out the other cute sweets here.

This is the second cutest thing.

I love the green with the pastels and the oval shape for the tofu stack, yo.

The creator of these fabulous necklaces has constructed a gallery for collections of ATCs and the like, including a bunch of my Bittypix.

Go see it here on the DIY or Die blog.  

The brilliant Etsians at  DIYorDIE have so many cool things.

I love faces and so do they. The political figures of our current times are smashing to see as jewelry.

Check this out:

This is inspiring me.

In my reading of Soul Search (see “The Most Interesting Thing” blog entry) the psychotherapist postulates that the founding fathers Adams, Jefferson, Washington, etc. came to their time as a group with a purpose. He believes the same things was probably the case with Emerson, Thoreau, Alcott and Hawthorne.

Come Tuesday, I will begin a series of literary BittyPix portraits. 

I will also begin sketches on a series of film directors. Jacob Z. the man who turned me on to Etsy, suggested this idea months ago.

I just watched an interesting documentary about Roman Polanski so he may be the first director. And we musn’t forget that Andy Warhol was a director.

I love Fellini, Wes Anderson, Gus Van Sant and the Coppolas, to name a few. I will be a busy girl.

I managed to capture a moment in light and color on, well, not film, but in digital camera the other night. Even the parking lot of Target can be magical when the light is right.


One Response to “Frida and Tofu”

  1. Thanks for the kind words 🙂 We had a framed Frida painting at the bottom of the stairwell when I was a little brat. I would run up the stairs cause I thought it was staring at me. Monkeys, unibrows and parrots.

    Saturate that stuff, make it POP 🙂

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