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Postcards and The Streets of SF

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Postcards were the order of the day. I have been trying to wrangle the right materials and offbeat images for sets of them.

I love the dusty look of the print on the watercolor paper. It lends a sort of aged quality. I went up to the Bus Boys on Lake Boulevard Monday and shot the carcasses of these old VW buses. They may be the detrius of the last VW repair shop that occupied the building adjacent to the Bus Boys location.

I have always been really fond of discarded rusty stuff. Here’s a great Flickr stream with rusty stuff.

I used to pick up interesting pieces thinking I’d be able to make something of them one day. Back then I thought I was the only one who appreciated rust but since then I’ve see it’s an aesthetic all its own.

When I moved from Enterprise to the Freebridge area I had the junk haulers take most of it away.

I’d chickened out of taking a welding class. I was reluctant to set up a potentially flammable shop in a place I rent and I had a basic fear of combustible, contained gasses. I guess it didn’t help that the mother of my daughter’s best friend died in a propane explosion a few years back. She was beautiful and young.

Taking pictures of large rusty things I can do without cluttering my work space with heavy metal.

Check out this Lincoln Continental I found in the parking lot at Benton Airfield last Sunday.

It just caught my eye.

Frank and I have been watching “Streets of San Francisco” for the last year.

You can get the first season on DVD. If you love San Francisco, Karl Malden, Mike Douglas or classic behemoth 70’s cruisers sorta like this Lincoln (this appears to be made in the 80’s) it’s the retro experience for you.

The best part is that every scene of the show is filmed on location, in the streets, in real buildings in SF and that rocks.

If you want to get a feel for SF in the 70s rent these shows. They’re great.

Malden plays the blue-collar working-class cop on the beat who came up the hard way. Douglas plays his mod young  college-educated partner. Whatever generation gap may have existed between the characters is lessened by a mutual respect for one another’s earnest pursuit of the bad guys. Lots of interesting guest stars, too.

I think my camera battery is probably charged by now so it’s back to shooting postcard sets.

More later.