Snaps for the Post, Nothing for the Pain

It’s a warm afternoon here in Redding but not bad for June 20th. The weather has been great.

Wish I could say the same for the news that finds it way to me. I just checked the Record Searchlight newspaper website. I work there and at some point before I return to work on Saturdays (I have Fridays off this month) it really is my duty to check in and get a faint idea of what’s been on the page.

It’s rarely good news. The first story I read involved low I.Q. white thugs who beat another man to death, cruelly and it seems, partially, for the pleasure of doing so. They will be charged with murder.

Then I checked in at my former editors blog only to find that her sweet, 18-year-old son had been attacked by another mindless monster who, unprovoked, beat his face and broke his nose. This is not something that a mother can endure with out excruciating pain, confusion and anger. The title of her post was “This is Why We Don’t Own A Gun”

Even though I know that the perpetrators are almost always men or women who were seriously abused and neglected themselves in childhood it doesn’t help me feel any better about the world. It does underscore one of my strongest beliefs. It is the worst kind of crime against humanity to deprive a child of love, knowledge and nurturing. When a parent neglects their child or abuses them they give the gift that keeps on giving. The hate and fear and self doubt that  spreads out in ripples of wanton waste and destruction. That is some heavy shit.

Some people learn to create dispite the rough beginning, some people, expecially those whose mother’s subjected them to drugs (alcohol most definitely included) in the womb stumble around the planet like angry, injured bears (the bears have my apologies in advance) swiping at anything in their path.

That is some messed up shit and times are dark enough. I don’t know what Barbara Bush was ingesting but  . . . like I said these seem like dark dayss too often because of ignorance, greed, and selfishness.

Thing is, I think history proves that times have always been muddied by ignorance and cruel intentions. Some of us are spiritual neanderthals. I guess that’s just the way of this world. It takes a long time to learn.

I have been here in my art cave with my head buried in work. Sorting through photographs and putting together postcard sets.


 I find comfort being in the zone of creation.

I was unaware that any of this violence was occuring. I can barely bring myself to watch TV because of the levels of stupidity and violence.

So I work and dream. I guess I distract myself and in doing so look away.





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