R.Crumb Gets Blocked

I finally got to the mighty Robert Crumb yesterday.

Observing his work and work ethic was one of the most influential factors in getting me to put something on the page.

So here is my Crumb immortalized as a block print.

This is the test sheet. All my changes on this block were very subtle and may not even be noticable at this size. The test sheet is essential to refining the block. I carve little bits away until I get it right.

In the last two prints (l to r) I shaved away just enough of the nose line to decrease the false-nose look I was getting in the beginning.

These blocks are cut small to start with and were intended to fit onto an ACEO size sheet of paper.

I also use small blocks because I’m frugal. I try to do the most with what’s at hand.

I’m still learning about materials. I always manage to come up with unique solutions as bumble my way through the process.

When I get the vision of something I want to do I eventually find my way to the right supplies.

If I really need something it will come to me.

I have been thinking of a shelf for my growing collecton of stamps. I keep making them and I need somewhere to store them. ideally somewhere centrally located in my work space.

I walked into the All Saints thrift store yesterday and found this beautiful old printer’s box.

I paid $12 for it. People have, in the modern day, placed small knick knacks or collectibles in them but they were made to hold print blocks. Back in the days of typeset printing.

This box is well made and small enough to fit right against the wall on my work table.

I am stoked, chuffed and tickled magenta.

3 Responses to “R.Crumb Gets Blocked”

  1. That rocks, so hard! Wow great job on the Crumb block. 12 dollars? WHAT A DEAL 🙂 ACEO’s, ACEO’s, ACEO’s gotta do more of these 🙂

  2. that crumb really looks good and what a steal on the printer’s box!

  3. Michele D. Says:

    Yes, the R. Crumb block looks great!

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