Some Links may be Temporarily Disabled

Okay, I know it’s happened before but as I become more invested in putting my work on Etsy the occasional outages are getting a tad more irritating.

A note here for anyone who is strolling through my old posts. Etsy is down and there are a few images that appeared to be X ed out. I’m confident they will be back up soon but . . .

It might also be my computer I guess. I found only one blog with a mention of the outage and some replied that they could get Etsy up on their computers. Can it be regional? My computer knowledge is not sufficient to know the answer.

I know that my photo program is misbehaving. And dang I have a photo of a truly dorky shrinky dink necklace. It’s a pix of Kat von D and Nikki Sixx. Don’t make fun of me because I’m mentally challenged, yo.  

Well, later.

Okay it’s later. I restarted and tried Firefox. Still no etsy.

 Soon I must make my way through the smoke to the newspaper for another fire-tracking day.

Here’s the pix:

Here is a really good picture. How frickin’ beautiful are these two?

Kat appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and Nikki was in the audience with her mother. So, so cute.

I hope for everybosies sake that Nikki is truly finished with his self-destructive days. He still looks great and I hope he keeps it that way.



2 Responses to “Some Links may be Temporarily Disabled”

  1. That’s a good looking couple, both with jet black hair 🙂 The leather is a great touch too 🙂

  2. Oh cool updated edition. I dunno about the “I love you”, looked kinda wobbly. And the concept of a tattoo van, now thats a great idea. I agree on the Tattoo of Tattoo, that would be cool! Love that jet black hair, what a good looking couple 🙂

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