What was Radical Then . . .

My postcard work last week led me to try some of the collage images that I originally did in 2006 on matchboxes. 







I chose interesting faces. Like Paramahansa Yogananda.

I read his autobiography when I young. He seemed very cool. He reminded me of my friend Alice Marquez. Both had the same hair and similar soul shines.

Alice came from a middle class family in Santa Paula. She was an Aquarius and wanted to change the world. Alice was among the group of UCSB students who tried to burn down the Bank of America in Isla Vista. The woman in the background of the pix on the site above looks alot like Alice.

It sounds tremendously foolish now but back then I guess it made some amount of sense to those young people. I guess it took a while for them to learn that the corporate state could smash them like tiny ants.

Alice is just a regular mom now. I think she works in the office at the school her kids attended.

For more retro-protest fun here is an excerpt from a guy’s novel about the bank burning with lots of pix.

Here are two more postcards from the matchbox set:

Drummer extraordinaire Ginger Baker and and the iconic image of Che Guevara.

South Market Street on either side of the railroad tracks is just full of tarnished jewels. I tried a few of these as postcards.

This photo captures a beautiful juxtaposition. It is born of my strange obsession with aging electrical boxes. I see them everywhere but how many people notice this fabulous, faded orange-red box?

The blue sky, the green trees, the tan brush and the great yellow X on the left door of this thing just makes me so happy.

It’s like a forgotten industrial flower dropped into the environment. I’m sure it started out bright and slick and over the years, as it did it’s job of protecting its electrical innards, it slowly faded and grew into something that’s sort of become part of the vegetation.

Look at this box car. It’s that same faded red-orange. It’s scuffed and rusted. The track is rust colored, the wheels are, too. Thess colors in the orange range look so good with the green trees and the blue sky.




Doesn’t the box car with tree look like an image from the ’40s?



Last Thursday I wanted a stamp of a cup of coffee. I made this little block.

I cut the coffee section away so now I must color in the coffee. I can make it black or a light cafe with various amounts of cream to color depending on my mood. I could even make it hot chocolate or any kind of tea. It’s now a flexible cup.

If I had cut the block perfectly it would always end up filled with the same drink.



There is a cool thing on Kelly Brewer’s site this morning. After you view the sweet video come back and check out Matt Harding’s alternative success story.

One Response to “What was Radical Then . . .”

  1. I’m a total fan of your match box series. Marilyn Manson yes 🙂

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