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Desire: Art Monger Deluxe

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I feel that I have been away from making art for days and days.

I had a busy week that somehow involved things that weren’t focused on creating art but did involve buying art supplies! I bought square drawing pads which both my partner in Art crimes and I prefer.

I received an order of soft cutting blocks from Dick Blick art supplies.

Late the previous week I had received my luscious Japanese micro-gel pens. Signo rocks! I bought a set in colors and then extra Signo .28 pens in black and brown. Mind-blowingly fine lines are definitely in my drawing future. Doing the backs of my postcards with these is really nice.


Isaac Hayes postcards.

 This brought me to a realization.

I am an art monger deluxe. I want to do it and I want to indulge my desire for things to do it with when I get to the work bench.

I cancelled the premium cable channels to free up more cash for art supplies.

I dream about creating and find creating dreamy. I’m hooked.


 Here is a retro postcard  from my etsy shop

I design the backs of the cards putting in the standard sections, identifying the image, noting the year it was created. I add tiny touches with the signo pens. Then I stamp it with one of my micro soft-block stamps. Ta Da!  She is a fetching mid-century girl. Isn’t she? The curly bangs, black eyeliner, the arched eyebrows speak of an Elizabeth Taylor aesthetic. The screwed in hoop earrings are pretty swingin’.




New Life Summer!

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Just a few pictures from the garden.

Here is a big blossom on our non-Japanese Eggplant. These are slower growers.

If you look carefully you can see a tiny bug on the left. It is green and may be the spider’s next meal.

The Japanese eggplant is crazy with blossoms.

It must have busted out with six of them overnight.

They are smaller than the domestic  eggplant.

These are fresh buds.

The color is an  electric and pale version of the rich aubergine the eggplant will become. Ah, Color!




These flower photos are from my trip to downtown Mt. Shasta.

I have always loved hollyhocks. They are the towering beauties from old gardens that i always associate with the late 1800s, early 1900s. There were often seen in illustrations in children’s books from that time.

Now when I see them I always think of Kelly Brewer, too, and her blog Pink Hollyhock.

I bought my first hollyhocks at Bracken’s down on Eureka Way. When they grew and blossomed they were double petal hollyhocks. Beautiful, yes, but I prefer these.

Here is a rose that I found growing outside that cute book shop in that little cottage on Mount Shasta Boulevard.