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The Art of Anton Chigurh

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Okay, kids, I’ll admit it I’m a little slow.

I just discovered the newish shop of frequent commentor, NB.

Here is a very cool charm for all you film buffs. No Country for Old Men’s Anton Chigurh. Those Cohen bros. are so nutty.

I think this rocks.

NBscloset, over at etsy, also has really unique ACEOs. They are hand drawn by NB. I bought two today. I could not resist.

Check them out for yourself.

These are Hog Lips and Hoot Hoot. Too cute.

 I have always been very into dreams.

It is interesting me the people who find their way into my dream mind.

The other night it was NB and CBT, of cbtscloset.

I have never met them other than through notes and our interactions on etsy and our blogs. They do have really cute little sketches of themselves as part of their etsy shops and I recall seeing a really cute picture of CBT somewhere in my blog reading.

But there they were in my dreams and they had invented a really neat little car that did not run on fossil fuel.

It was a little bit steam punk and really functional in addition to being cute.

Here is a quick sketch of the vehicle:

The front had all these cool windows that seemed somehow Victorian. It was kind of like the time machine in the film  Time After Time.

So, guys, are you working on this project?


Now, here is my latest purchase from CBTsCloset:

It sort of relates to a dream, too. A long time ago i dreamed just a quick image of my mate Frank. He was standing with a gun. Yes in this case a completely phallic symbol. Because of his tenderness and kind nature I dreamed that rose petals were falling from the barrel of his gun. These are hearts and so they communicate the same sentiment to me.