Graceless Pixies

Me in 1978, under the influence of dreams of art, San Francisco and wanton-hussy hipsters.

Here was my role model:








 Stay tuned for the San Francisco daze . . .

NOW: I drove to work Sunday through the thick dirty air. It had clogged my mind and I needed to blast it free. I shoved the Pixies into the CD player and turned it up loud, loud. “Debaser” from Doolittle spun me over the roads and to the workplace. I could breath.


Graceless Pixies, you kicked so much ass!

Independent, crabby, whip smart, flesh-fucked, unrestrained.

Super arch frienemies.

You hold my arm behind my back until I squeel.

Don’t let me go.


Dig it while I engage in another epic autobiographical construction to be delivered by 2 p.m.


One Response to “Graceless Pixies”

  1. Patricia Ramelli Says:


    This is Patti Ramelli…..god how have I missed you! I called for a longtime, and you never returned the calls, I hope we can make contact! My Phone number is 858-382-1173 and my email is wwborneo@gmail!

    Connie I am Patti still Patti,a litttle older not wiser but I am still Patti…I am coming to sf at the end of Jan to visit my Joey my son and want to see you and Frank..Give him my love.

    our girlfrend for life.

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