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An Astrological Aside

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I have always had a strong attraction to Taurus men. I wasn’t able to define this phenomenon in the early days but as I continued to experience it’s power I realized it was undeniable.

Now that I know, I posit the theory that even back in grade school the sweet-tempered boys that attracted my attention were most likely Taurus boys.

It started early. It happened through film, photos as well as in person.

In cinema, I loved Gary Cooper and Jimmy Stewart.

In my elders’ pop music era I loved Perry Como, then Bobby Darin, then Roy Orbison’s beautiful voice.

In Cream, it was all about jack Bruce. Gee, what’s that I see just south of the right side horn of Jack’s SG ?

 In the Buffalo Springfield, it was Richie Furay.

 Here is Richie with his girl, Nancy. She wrecked my teenage dreams. Taurus men are loyal and he’s still with her. At the Springfield’s last concert I gave Richie a satin scarf from the thrift store. He kissed me on the cheek. I was in a daze for hours.


In Roxy Music, it was Brian Eno. Brilliant men are hot.

In Queens of the Stone Age it is Josh Homme, a true musician and great voice.

This is a photo by Nick Wilson.





 Here, I made him up in the style of Mel Odom.  I painted the eyes to look dreamy and the lips are accentuated in Odom’s style. 

It’s all about the eyes with Mel Odom.






Mel Odom is a very interesting illustrator. He has done a lot of very sexy images like this red-headed couple. He also makes beautiful collectible dolls with a super old school, Hollywood, gay aesthetic.


 I’d finally get my very own Taurus.

 Jack White with his hair combed back?

Naw, but Frank (Santa Barbara, 1979) was definitely all that and a big, big bag of chips. Nice shoulders, too.

Still is.



Here we are as New Wave hot bitches thinking about “Baby’s on Fire.”


On the pro Art front Hi-Fructose Vol VIII out this month has some really interesting things in it.


Cantinflas and Mexican Cinema

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Instead of ancestors I had cinema. The faces and personalities that filled screens in Hollywood’s golden years populated my mind.

I grew up in Santa Ana surrounded by Mexican culture. The ranches and orange groves for which the county was named were originally Spanish land grants. And let me remind everyone, California was Mexico only 160 years ago.

 Cantinflas was part of my early life. Fortino Mario Alfonso Moreno Reyes was like a home boy.

Filmmaking was born at the turn of the last century. Cinema thrived internationally and many nations had, by the 20’s, created a stong body of work.

Mexico was among them. Director Emilio Fernandez and actors Pedro Armendariz and Emilio Fernandez were the bedrock of mid century Mexican Cinema.

Cantiflas made it pop.

In the 30’s and 40s North American film set the standards and dominanted the industry. When the politics surrounding World War II cut off parts of that market America passionately courted Latin American countries. This allowed for the cross over of Latin stars like Portuguese/Brazilian singer dancer Carmen Miranda, Dolores Del Rio of Durango, Mexico, Lupe Valez, Katy Jurado of Guadalajara.

Katy Jurado was the bomb.

She did a lot of acting in North American film and TV. This still is from “High Noon.”

Why would anybody choose Grace Kelly’s whimpy, judgemental wife over Katy Jurado as the passionate mistress?

Cantinflas was not as beautiful as Jurado but he became a beloved figure. And who has a cooler mustache?

Cantinflas died in 1993.