Something Light

Hey boys and girls this is my 69th post!

This image will be the transitional link between my previous bio post and this fresh one.

The painting is called “70s San Francisco Krishna Boy.” I painted it here in this house a few months after we moved in in 2006. I did’t get started until 2007. It took me a while to feel comfortable.

This image was an attempt to evoke certain parts of my memories of San Francisco. Sometimes I wish I could see things with a stranger’s eyes just to know how others perceive the things I make. This image has been viewed more than any other I have posted on etsy.

I added the mod flowers after seeing perfect examples of that kind of design in a waterfront cafe scene while watching Streets of San Francisco.

I was driving on Churn Creek Road near Target and the Food Maxx the other day. I was stopped at the light and I noticed a large truck hauling chicken to market. The sides of the truck had lovely pastel landscapes painted on them. The truck pulled into a loading bay and I snapped these photos.

You can see the rivets where the panels are connected.

I liked the juxtaposition of the dreamy pastel landscape painted on the metal sheets of the trailer. I think I liked the fact that it was a chicken product too.

In my philosophical examination of killing animals for food I have concretely decided that I could kill for chicken.

Part of the decision was knowing that my body does not process soy and other beans well enough to use it as a replacement for meat.

I could not kill a cow, or deer, or any large animal unless it was a very drastic Into the Wilderness type situation but I could learn to kill chickens and even rabbits who are strange and often not very nice creatures despite all of Beatrix Potter’s brilliant anthropomorphism.

I love chicken.

This classic fried chicken photo is from a southern fried blog called Varmintbites. If you click on their home page you will see amazing photos from a trip to Alaska.

What a coincidence. I was thinking as I wrote about chicken that I love salmon just as much and have fantasized about being a big ol’ bear living in the north. I could reach my big paw into the river and fish out a fresh, wet salmon and feast.


4 Responses to “Something Light”

  1. What San Francisco boy 2008 be possible?

  2. nbscloset Says:

    Number 69! Your order is ready. 69 🙂

    Looks like a full moon I wonder what that blue guys up to behind the couch.
    And look at the colorful land scape 🙂

    I love fried chicken, wish I knew how to make it… I lived off baked salmon for years with cucumber dipping sauce. OOOOH it’s so good 🙂

  3. Baked salmon with cucumber sauce! Yummm. Homer drool.

  4. San Francisco Boy 2008. It could happen.

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