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I’m All That

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I received an interesting request from fellow Etsian NB. He asked to use an image of myself that I have recently posted on this blog. He does Warholesque portrait pix.


He did something really cool with it and he can do it with any picture of a face.

I love faces and so, in my estimation, this rocks.

It is never a bad thing to be able to see yourself rendered in cartoon fashion. Doesn’t it make you want to get immortalized in andy.nb fashion?

You know you need this.

You see? It’s a special magic that NB can yield and what’s more, you can see the process (and my face!) in action on YouTube.

NB can also do solo pix of just one of you or your baby children.

I love, love the baby picture vectorized portraits cuz I love babies all of the time.

It’s too cool and I applaud NB for getting these interesting looking pieces out to the public.

I’d stop here but NB has also added beautiful silhouettes. 

Isn’t this cool? You can also get one of your pet. Aw, pupper!

I really love the scrolly, viney stuff at the botton of the image.









Now I want to also point out a few new items from cbtscloset.

This cool froggie-like donut.

This Casio keyboard is cool.

 Look at this cool design of a Sugar Skull in resin.