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Alcatraz, My Friend

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This building sits near the  prison on Alcatraz Island. It looks a lot like something from one of my dreams. 

I had dreamed that Frank and I were driving down a street in San Francisco. We were looking for a hotel and didn’t want to spend too much money. We passed this place (see sketch) and it was called “Home.” It was very charming and seemed a good choice. We drove on and passed a similar one called “Friend.” 

 It is not so unusual to have conjured a building near a federal prison. I was raised by my grandparents and our “family vacations” were often visits to places where my dad or uncle were incarcerated. We traveled to San Francisco once to visit my uncle Pat. He was doing 15 years in San Quentin, which is actually in Marin County.

This is my sister Colleen and I on that trip to the cold north. It must be  about 1958. I don’t look too happy about to be there.

It’s always freaky to visit places that your closest relatives are embarrassed to talk about. You’re in the midst of doing the shit and no one’s saying much. I’m sure, as small children, we must have inquired about our destination repeatedly. I wish I remembered their replies. 

We actually went camping and stuff, too.

It was a strange childhood. Most of it was pretty calm, safe, sunny-southern-California suburban but we always knew something was fishy.

The whole hush hush routine is a joke. Kid’s have a built-in bullshit detector.

The real contradictions didn’t start until the imprisoned pigeons came home to roost. That made the 60s even more interesting and at time frightening than you might imagine.

Ever see that Alfred Hitchcock film “Shadow of a Doubt” with Joseph Cotten and Teresa Wright?

I’ll explain about all this in more depth later.

On the positive side my dream sketch also resembles this sweet house in Bernal Heights.

 I’ve decided I’m meant to retire to Bernal Heights and that somehow by some amazing trick of fate or goodwill from all the spirit beings who care for me, some stranger will walk up to me one day when I least expect it and offer to let me live in this beautiful neighborhood.

I dream and dream.

More buildings and gardens in San Francisco can be found in this great blog Whoreticulture.  It has a nice post on a place to find cool old recovered building materials in S.F.

This person’s bio is also very inviting. It was written by a male, chuck b., a chemist and a garden lover. It looks like chuck routinely takes photographic tours of great environments. Check it out. Here’s his new blog – My back 40.

I have decided to get to work on a portrait of Charles Manson for a blog post I have coming up. 

I’m not trying to freak you out. Honest.

I better get to work.