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Lazy Sunday, Look Into My Eyes

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Strolling through old favorites at Etsy this morning as always I discovered new things there. So many cool peeps producing wonderful new things. So much good work to stumble upon. It made me feel lazy.

Yes, I have had the push of Virgo stimulation with those four, now only three planets in that busy sign. The moon is there with the Sun all Sunday. I did have legitimate distractions. Red-Tape type business to attend to and oh, yes, the photo shoot. All the fabulous things fill a fabulous life.

I learned today at Etsy that you can make natural dies. the technique is only for natural fabrics because you have to boil the shit out of them. You can use yellow onion husks, red cabbage and/or tumeric. I guess there are probably plenty more natural dye producing things you can use and I’m sure they can be found online. I’ll bet if I boiled a white undershirt for 45 minutes in a vat of coffee it would get brown or at least beige (add salt to make the dye adhere). I was craving a beige undershirt only days ago. Hey, I could add some tumeric to the coffee and have that wonderful tobacco brown for which I have been lusting of late!

I found this crazy woman artist at CallowLilyArt

This cross is beautiful. She had lots of bold neck charms and other things, shoes even, bags, etc. They’re a little expensive for me. If I was going to buy something it would be this cross.

This artist works in Ukiah. The bio portion of the Etsy shop gives only a birthdate of January 22. Mystique works, eh?

Mystique is so not my style.

What’s funny is that I can imagine that there are many people with whom I work who are completely mystified by me. They probably are confused my stylie tendencies. There is only two or maybe three women in the whole building who radiate authentic cool. I finally spoke to an especially wonderful girl last week. She’s a rock chick deep down and as is my way, I have a soul crush on her beautiful energy.

I bought a bunch of buttons from mymy. I’m going to give her a little present.

I’m a dizzy-headed dreamer but I can work in this world despite the callous and shitty tendencies of some entities.

I was surely a bit depressed by reading the dependable Rockie Horoscope over at LA WEEKLY.

But then so was she.

“It’s John McCain’s 72nd birthday, and after writing a detailed description of his progressed chart, I got depressed and bailed. Sorry,” Rockie said.

It looks, astrologically, as if McCain might stand a good chance of being victorious in this year’s presidential election.

Thinking about that possibility makes me feel like all the air got sucked out of the room.

You can read Rockie’s weekly horoscope here.

All the planets that are tripping through Virgo now are on their way into Libra next. Mercury, Venus and Mars are already there. In my chart that means they are gathering in my fifth house. The house of creativity, lovers, recreation. I’ll be doing more art work. Want a freebie astro chart? Go to astrolabe.

These are photo portraits of my dunce figure. Now he has mystique.

The photo with the orange background was taken by the light of our sparkle-glow lamp.

The red one was engineered inside my handmade light box.

A simple geeky being looking out at the world. Is there an autobiographical element you ask. Maybe.

I have in the past whined about my desire to bring some coherence to my Etsy shop.

I see one unifying factor that haunts every page. All the faces and creatures and beings there are staring out at the beholder. I wonder if that unnerves people.

“There are so many pairs of eyes looking at me,” Frank said of the art up eveywhere in our old bedroom. It was  my snug first studio.

The walls and interior spaces were covered with faces and in the faces, eyes. Eyes are the window of the soul. I love to look into people’s eyes.

How often do I get to do it?  I liked looking into the green eyes of that cool rocker girl at work, the one with the short dark hair with magenta highlights. She is really in there and full of spirit fire.

Sepia Buddha

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It’s Saturday. This week’s days off are gone.

I managed to finish carving my Buddha block and print a couple of proofs. I haven’t quite got the hang of pressing out the image.

If I rub it too vigorously moves on the paper and the image smudges. If I don’t press firmly and evenly I don’t get all the ink onto the paper.

I will continue to work on this block. I’ll probably remove the material inside the flame like ring in the inner aura.

I drew this image last year and finally got around to transferring it to a block.

As you can see I whimped out and did not recreate the curls on the hair. My cutters don’t do tight circles on this Dick Blick Soft Cut.

I need to invent a new tool. There’s probably one out there that does tiny circles. Any suggestions?

I spent the night having a steady stream of dreams. I think I overdid some guarana-laced beveragesyesterday. Gotta stick with the mat`e It’s good to me.

I dreamed of my sister and of little children in her care. There were Native American overtones. There was great cinematic color and lovely action and environments slightly spoiled by corporate spies. I dreamed of lots of people in a combination class-room party atmosphere, some dancing in a mellow conga line, a metaphor for life, I guess.

Here is another image I captured on my TV. There is alot of art used on the History Channel. This depiction of a heart-taking sacrifice kicks ass.

It’s good to see that even artist of this caliber can put thumbs of the wrong side of a hand. Unless that guy’s arm in just really screwed up.

Remember the dream I told you about? A flash of an anachronistic newspaper headline of a daughter being sacrified by her father? This image is rife with meaning connected that distant recollection.

It may be the next block I cut.

Morning Errands, Kusama and Murakami

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I began this morning with a photo session. I am probably the least photogenic person ever born so to say it was gruesome, well . . .

The good thing is that the photographer was a former Record Searchlight photog, Mike Burke. He is a really cool guy who loves photography. We did some fun action shots which were better than the sit-there-and-smile-at-the-camera shots.

The photos are for my RS blog and it is mostly about astrology so I chose the Schreder Planetarium as the location. I later did my “action” shots beneath this arch. You’ll have to use your imagination with this pic.

It wasn’t really, too bad. I will have to live with the photo Mike chooses. I hope it’s the one he showed me last. I look a bit sardonic.

Here is a nice pink bud from a flowering tree at the planetarium.





Next up was the post office.

I manage to be there bright and early with all the SSI check recipients who were getting their checks early. I had a conversation with a woman who was registering to vote for the first time in her life. She looked 50 but it could have been a meth-head 50. She could be 35 in regular years.

“Hillary’s out of it now isn’t she?” 

She asked how I would vote. I said I thought I’d vote for Obama. She found that weird. It seemed to be the name that threw her. She repeated a few time “Obama. Obama. Obama. How can you vote for somebody with a name like that?”

I knew it was a rhetorical question. I let some time pile up before I spoke again. I think we need to try something new, I said.

“Yeah, I try something new.” The woman let out a gravelly chuckle. I figured it was a drug reference. I know I’m assuming a lot. She could have been a rocket scientist or a social worker

I sold an Obama and Spud Friend Bitty PIx last night. I guess the Democratic Convention fired up at least one person. I love this image. I captured it from my TV. Freeze Frame.

  Got my packages mailed and then it was on to my next destination. I was trying to beat the heat.

I got myself over to Grocery Outlet to pick up a few things. Salmon, eggs, salsa, veggie fake-sausage patties, milk, detergent.

I bought chocolate for Frank and for Granny but I did not buy any of the bagged candy. They did have some really cool Japanese gummy candy. They were fun to look at but I resisted.

 They have all the bright bags of sugary temptations right at the counter so you can’t miss it. Sometimes i really crave bright and cute and wild. COLOR.

I’ve been looking through etsy for Japanese tape. It’s really cute. Quite a shock I know. That is Japan’s thing Cute.

The seller FromJapanWithLove has Kawaii stickers and tape galore. Thousands of items.

Here is something interesting, an artist from Japan, Yayoi Kusama, who corresponded with Georgia O’Keeffe.

This blog, Twin Party, has a good amount of info on Kusama. Nice and nutty.

I love Takashi Murakami. Something from the New York Times.

Chinese toy shop worker.

Rachel is Maddow is Stunning

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I love Rachel Maddow and I’m not the only one. Have you been watching the Democratic Convention?

Rachel Maddow sits on the panel for MSNBC with the uber chatty, movie loving Chris Matthews  the always earnest Keith Olbermann and Pat Buchannan. The MSNBC anchors’ broadcast booth is outside Mile High Stadium in Denver and there is always a crowd gathered around them, listening. They burst into raucous applause and cheers after nearly every point Rachel makes.

Check this out she’s articualte and passionate. I love Eugene Robinson, too.

Alienation, Ebb and Flow, Reading Redding

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Main Entry:

\ˌā-lē-ə-ˈnā-shən, ˌāl-yə-\
14th century
1 : a withdrawing or separation of a person or a person’s affections from an object or position of former attachment : estrangement <alienation…from the values of one’s society and family — S. L. Halleck>

There is an interesting phenomena I have noticed play out in my psyche repeatedly.

I can begin with a strong desire to know and experience a person, place or thing. The object of my affection possesses some intangible something that catches my eye (third eye,too) and then, of course, my imagination sets to work. I weave elaborate structures on the loom of my curiosity. I embellish the person, place or thing with elements that may or may not have a basis in truth. But don’t we each, to some degree, co-create one another? Think about it.

I take great pleasure in the novelty and the experience of absorbing the essence of said p,p,t. Getting to know him, her, it,  exchanging sparks of spiritual energy, giving and sharing, it’s all a good and miraculous discovery.

 The length of time I remain beguiled has everything to do with how naturally akin the p,p,t’s energy is to my essential nature. This smacks of egocentrism, I hear you say, but I believe it goes deeper than ego.

It’s like playing a pin ball machine. I gaze beneath the glass transfixed by the facade of the sparkling machinery. I press the side buttons, forcefully, urgently, fast, then faster. As long as the metal balls are crashing through the gates and the bells are ringing I stay engaged.

This is not to say that I need cheap drama or that am addicted to stimulation. I am very particular, really. The p,p,t must have substance and then I can be enamoured for a very long time.

There are people who can tell you I have stayed enamoured for decades. It’s all about the right stuff.

With some p,p,t the pinballs are too heavy, or they don’t meet up with the propellant flippers at exactly the right second  and so, lack momentum. That ball may be shiny but it just doesn’t connect. It travels in a half-hearted forward trajectory for a short while, loses all momentum and then slips backward into the void. Gone.

 Long term fascinations require balance. The elements of similarity and dissimilarity between the two entities must exist in equal proportion. Dissimilarity creates conflict and instablility. Then comes alienation and eventually separation.

As a place, Redding is a tough bucket. Sometimes it seems to defy all my efforts to love it. It’s beautiful. The mountains and trees fulfill my nature-need when they are not on fire.

There are plenty of places to obtain used goods and food.

My “day” job forces me to go out into the world and talk to people. That is a good thing. It helped me understand that there is more to Redding than generations of abused, intellectually-stunted meth-heads, grouchy retirees and closed-minded people adverse to change of any kind.

Now before you get your knickers in a bunch I freely to admit to having a distant kinship to at least one of these groups. But the question is, why do the elements of culture that I love, music and art and intellectual exchange, seem unable to flourish. Is it happening somewhere and I’m just too lame to ferret it out? Are they keeping it a secret?

So many are so hopeful that cultural buds are just about to blossom and maybe they are, but w have to ask ourselves how many of our bright, creative children stay in Redding to pusue their dreams? How many intelligent, open-minded young people can the city invite in and then adequately support?

People have been saying this for a very long time. There is just not enough opportunity here to support all the people who want to be here.

This town has been very good for me. The lack of any real coherent creative scene has allowed me to focus on bringing creative things out of myself. Not many distractions vy for my attention. If I was more outdoorsy I’d be in trouble. I’ve got two huge paddles and no canoe.

I know that my vision is partially clouded by the big changes that are taking place in my industry. There is, for all involved, undeniable emotional fall out, but, geez, I have always been very good at juggling and accepting change. I love a challenge.

I think, all along, I have been waiting for Redding to freak up or expand it’s collective consciousness in a way that would make it like the other places I have lived. San Francisco, Seattle, Albuquerque, hell, even Iowa City.

That’s wrong. I have long been convinced that may relationships fail because people go into them with a head full of what they want their partner to be and no ability or desire to see the real person. They complain constantly. Why aren’t you this? Why don’t you do that?

I say get the fuck away from the poor girl or guy of you don’t like what they’re bringing to the table. Why’d you pick them in the first place? Let them be FREE to be themselves.

You can’t fake love or belonging. It’s organic. If you belong the doors will open. Otherwise, you just have to pick up your hobo satchel, hit the road and start scanning front porches for a sign that the next place is friendly and welcoming.



Conchords, Hurray!

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Okay, I’m a clueless dork. The Conchords are famously famous and not some 20-years-ago Sub Pop band. Why don’t you tell me this stuff, Mojo? Oh, it’s on page 89.

They have their own comedy show on HBO. They, by the power of their funny, have caused me to upgrade my cable service to include a bit of premium action. And I had just cut out all the Big Dumb movie channels.

These guys, Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, are from New Zealand. Who knew? Everybody?

Boxes, Pilgrimage and Paper Lanterns

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Currently listening to Maureen Tucker’s Life in Exile After Abduction:

I am in the habit of bringing home every small to medium size box that is tossed on the trash heap at my place of work. I have filled a third of my laundry room with a variety of them.

I often send things through the mail. Like everything packing material are costly, so, I recycling corporate waste.

This stack is just a portion of these recovered envelope boxes. They aren’t really heavy enough to use for mailing most things.

Before my last flurry of mailings the laundry room was getting awfully crowded. I almost threw them out.  

I kept them because I knew, eventually, I would use them.

I have hundreds of cassette tapes. Some are the last remaining pre-CD elements of my 80s and 90s music collection. Awhile back I inherited a new batch from a former workmate. Thanks, Larry!

My goal is to listen to everything so I can start making mix tapes for the world. Glory Hallelujah.

Most of these tapes survived my music-loving daughter’s teenage years. We lost a few Stones tapes to wear and tear, maybe a Dylan, too. Those were sad moments, driving somewhere in our beater Toyota, being fully absorbed in the sounds and have the tape snap. I think it happened once as Jessica and I were grooving to “12 x 5.”  Bitter disruption. Oh, well, we just popped in “Exile on Main Street” and carried on.

I now have 20 or so that no longer have their plastic cases. I decided I would make little slip cases out of these evelope boxes. Just something simple with the name in BIG LETTERS so they are easy to see. This is actually “Viva, Roxy.” I’ll have to relabel but that will be easy as I have also collected wonderful white boxes from work that hold labels. It seems they often toss out the last couple of feet of the continuous sheet of labels with the box! 

The white boxes are perfect for the plushies I make.

Here is a lavender whale and an orange squid.

They are from my Etsy shop where I must get to work.

 Christmas is coming in America. Etsy is a good place for interesting, inexpensive gifts.


 How’s that? Pretty rich, right?

I say give me the blonde with the golden gloves and the leopard print shirt. Twiddle those knobs, sweetie.

More recycling, something in the warm colors.

 I found this photo on the streets of San Francisco. It had been tossed into the trash and had a bit of food smeared on it. I gently wiped it away. You can see it’s someone’s very special moment with Marilyn.

It could have been a pilgrimage a great importance. Perhaps it was a jealous boyfriend who so cruely discarded it. Or maybe the woman had to quickly vacate her TenderNob apartment when she could no longer afford the rent. I know she will survive.

I used the pliable cork-cover from a champagne bottle to frame the photo and a bit of thin copper wire. Then I laid on some bus passes that Miss Jessica gave me.

I painted the outer frame in red roses. You can’t see the detail easily. I added red stars. Why not?

Geez, it doesn’t look like anyone has scrubbed the walk of stars in a while, does it? (Four planets currently in Virgo).