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It’s Friday. My one vacation day off this week.

I’ll have an extra day off each week, giving me four, until the middle of October. When I return to work tommorrow it will be a Saturday. very mellow people-wise. Fewer editors, less noise.

I got started today checking out the vegetables, green and cool, bursting with life.

Ah, fresh little buds are developing on the squash plant.

These will become flowers and then fruit — zuccini or yellow crook neck squash. I didn’t check the tags too closely. We’ll find out eventually.

Or will we?

As I snapped a shot of the youngest plants in the container garden, going in for a supa-close up, I noticed something.


The tiny little things creep about and blend perfectly with the plant. This is the the most developed of the three sets of plants in this tub. Two kinds of squash and lemon cucumbers.

I read that water laced with chili pepper juice will deter the aphids. I loaded up a little spray bottle and let them have it.

Tommorrow I’ll check and see if the environment was made sufficiently inhospitable by the chili pepper.

I have failed to observe ahimsa.

The yellow blossom is the crook neck squash. The little orange-red specks are the chili powder. I could have used some of our chilis but so far none of them are hot.


This week I continued to draw, cut and print blocks.

In keeping with the nature and hindu vedic theme this morning I share this new piece.

Ganesh, the Hindu Vedic deity.

Last Friday I went out to Ellis Art to purchase a new set of cutters and I also bought printing ink in brown and black. These are the first two images I pulled from the block.

The ink was very thick compared to what I have used in the past. It is water soluable so I can thin it out.

Next time I’ll try that and see how it works.

In all things I freely admit to borderline incompetence. I want to get my hands into the process right away. I learn by doing a particular thing. I’m impatient.

It was a small miracle to reach the point where I was willing to risk failure! But now I say bring it on!

The ink I usually use is a high quality, acid free stamping ink.

This is a proof done in that ink.

 The symbolism connected with Ganesh is very cool.

The large ears = listen.

The little axe = cut off all bonds of attachment.

Big head = think big.

One tusk = keep the good throw out the bad.

The mouse represents desire. Desire can cause havoc. You ride the desire and keep it under control not the other way around.

The large stomach represents a peaceful digestion of life’s good and bad.

I love the floating lamps in the background of this image. In the future I want to do figures with large elaborate aura areas around the heads.

I want to do some straight decorative designs with lots of curving, circular elements.

I really like to add rhinestones to portraits. I may or may not. I do want to get into the elaborate thing I see in the Hindu and Tibetan portraits of deities.

I kinda started my aura paintings with my Elliott Smith portrait.

I wanted to put him in the realm of a bodhisattva, an enlightened soul who chooses to return to earth to help others.

His sadness was so heavy but his music touched so many people and was undeniably beautiful.

 I loved the juxtaposition of the common northwest wool cap, a necessity to protect against the cold, and the red aura, the third-eye bindi and curly clouds that represent the higher plane.

Frank has suggested I do a portrait of the fabulous southern psychic, Chip Coffey.

I do my best work when I am really moved by someone and I love Chip. We decided, Frank and I, that since I get such a warm feeling from Chip he must have some Taurus.

Chip is a Leo with Moon in Taurus.

Frank is a Taurus with Moon in Leo. So is my son Brian.

Maybe Chip will be the first.