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Something I Don’t Talk About

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I never talk about the change. I don’t even think about it if I can avoid it.

It’s not family related and, no, it’s not that either.

It’s something deeper and more threatening to my sense of self. I don’t listen to music nearly as much as I once did.

It wasn’t long ago that I spent $10 every month for Mojo.

No, no that mojo! That’s Mojo Jojo, arch enemy of the Powerpuff Girls. Crazy-ass demented monkey. I think he has Imperialist leanings.

The Powerpuff Girls are ultra cool and their theme song music rocks and makes you want to kick ass. Zoom

The link above is to the cartoon intro and theme song. Listen and you will want to kick butt, too (warning: there is a very short  commercial first).

Mojo magazine from across the pond. I love their mix of old and new musicians and they have such great pictures.







Can Anybody guess who this young lad is? Come on, you can do it. Leave a comment. The winner gets a mixtape from me. The first I’ve made in decades.

Mojo has lots of information on the latest trends and they are pretty thorough. These two pages were all about, I hate to talk in labels, but modern folk rock stuff.

Mojo’s pictures demonstrate that it is often hard to tell the old from the new and I like that, too. Mojo recognizes, like few others, that music is a timeless things with a through line that defies generational borders. Generational borders are the tool of the devil admen! Bah humbug.


I have thought that if I could get all the CDs and tapes assembled in one place I’d listen more. Nothing is preventing me from listening to the little piles I already have assembled here in the work space except the feeling that things are disjointed. It’s a weird psychological thing with me. I can’t work until I’ve got the goods completely organized.

Sometimes I think it’s because I live with people and i worry that they don’t always feel like listening to the kind of music i like. I don’t want to bother them. I could sit here at the old computer in the living room and listen to CD or even tapes, which I have by the boat-load. I have both players within arms reach. 

I listen most often to NPR in the early morning hours while granny is still sleeping. I like to hear some news. I like Terry Gross. You can learn alot.

I got in to the habit of using my ears to tell me what’s going on around me. It’s partially a mommy thing. Where are the kids? Where’s granny? Anything alarming going on?

I have to listen to the scanner at the newspaper and stay on alert-mode ready to spring into action.

The CD player rejects burned discs like a beehotch. It’s touchy and that can be irritating. Especially if I’m in the mood for something really specific which I usually am.

No Brian Jonestown Massacre! No Pixies but my over the counter “Doolittle”. No Jessica Pratt travelin’ mix discs. No Gun Club!

Excuses, excuses.

Hey wait! I just tried a new technique with “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” and it worked!

Let the children booogey!

Time is waning. I must carpe the musical diem.

I’m turning over a new/old leaf. The CD’s are in the work space! I’m hooked up, Jane.

Hey! Eagles of Death Metal play just fine! They are playing the Warfield September 23, with the Hives.


Also in September Julian Schnabel’s film of Lou Reed’s performance of Berlin.

The album was recorded in 1973. It was not a commercial success. In Lou’s oeuvre it is sandwiched between “Transformer” and “Sally Can’t Dance.”

God I love Sally Can’t Dance! 

‘Sally can’t dance no more. She can’t pick herself up off the floor.”