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Morning Herbs

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The air is the clearest it’s been in many weeks and I was up and in the container garden checking on those aphids and trimming the herbs.

The basil is “going to town” as they used to say about a century ago. The tarragon is prolific, too, but it kind of grows out more than it grows up.

 We have regular and cinnamon basil. I have much more of this herb than I have dinners to cook in a month so I am drying this batch.

This reminds me of something. Hmmm.

Did you happen to catch this cover on when last passing through a grocery store check out stand? I saw it at Winco.

Poor Lisa Marie! Why don’t they just leave her alone? 

Isn’t she the Princess of rock and roll? 

Oh wait. I guess rock and roll does not operate on the dynasty system as successfully as Hollywood does.

Why not? Where did rockers go wrong?

Lisa is cool and her music is pretty good but can you think of rocker offspring that just kick holy-ass?

This pix is from popbytes.

I can only think of one and he didn’t even know his father.

Jeff Buckley was just as good as Tim Buckley (pix from rocksquad). Many would say better but they were very different.












If you have never heard Jeff Buckley do your self a favor and buy “Grace” today. The smaller picture is Tim Buckley in his druggy funked up period. Previously he was a beautiful, fey folk-boy with the world’s greatest voice and a very melancholy soul. Cool guitar and check out those shoes. There is a strong cult building around these two. Check the interwebs.

Jacob Dylan is doing a great job. HIs latest CD, “Seeing Things,” is really a pleasure. It’s timeless in its simplicity and easy to love for its gentle, straightforward songcraft.

Jacob said he was trying to write songs that seemed like they had always been around. He succeeded. It’s not an earth shattering, genre challenging work but he wasn’t trying to get to that place. It makes me want to sit in his living room, look out the window at the hills, and pet his big ol’ dog.




Sunday I listened to a really cool show out of San Francisco via the internets at West Add Radio.

 “Ice Cream Sunday” is a show helmed by the witty and wonderful Moises Domingo Rios.

This is Moises and Miss Jessica Pratt (my kid) happy, happy, happy.

I love my kids. They are great souls from the other side, here now, to give my life that added sparkle and shine.

I’ll explain in more depth in my next post dedicated to the brilliance of Brian Michael Pratt (my kid).