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Spider Transplant

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Wednesday morning: A few more days of spraying some chili spray on the little plants in the squash, cucumber bin and I think it’s making a difference in the aphid population.

Here is a full on star of a squash blossom is diffused light. The sun comes and goes today. It may rain.

If you look carefully you can spot a couple of tiny green aphids in the recessed cone.

I am wondering if I could transplant a spider from somewhere else in the yard. Do spiders enjoy aphids? Might they have a particular fetish for aphids soaked in chili pepper juice.

I am no monument to scientific knowledge. I’m just getting through here and DIY is my solution most of the time though I know when I’m out of my depth.

For the last batch of chili water I used half a packet of the fine chili sauce from Panda Bowl. It was a good mix.

A quartet of eggplant are waiting to be feasted upon and soon we will indulge cuz that’s how we roll, eating up all those veggies.

I made a stew for last night’s dinner with tomatoes, red chilis, rainbow carrots, a dark green peyote-shaped squash, a pale white long neck squash, purple onions, mushrooms, garlic, fresh cinnamon basil, some curry and stew meat to ground all that divine vegetation.

I think I’ll have some for breakfast.

Today is Andy Warhol’s birthday. I’m listening to Lou Reed so I can feel closer to Andy.

This morning I heard a poet allege that Andy said:

“Being born is like being kidnapped.”


“Isn’t life a series of images that repeat.”

So I decided to share some images that repeat in my 2006/2007 sketchbook.

Here is my Andy in honor of his birthday.

In this sketchbook is a series of quick sketches I did imagining Andy engaged in pleasuring himself.

I have photographed these sketches in such a way that no one can be offended by “purient” content. In America certain corporate entities believe that they can dictate the boundaries of self-expression. That’s all I’m saying about that.

Andy was a beautiful guy and I know he did things to encourage the sexless-catholic-don’t-touch aspect of his persona but he was a human being, a Leo with Moon in Aries and therefore passionate.

“Strange, beautiful,” as Jimi Hendrix said about someone.

A Lou Reed song:

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I think you’re, oh, so beautiful
I think you’re so kindAnd I think I would miss you
if you disappear into the divineAnd I think of an apple core
when you start thinking of god
And I know I would miss you
if you disappear into the divineAnd I think you’re so beautiful
beautiful as the blackened space and stars
But all I see is a coreless seed
when you cry for a God who’s not there
And I think you’re so beautiful
and I see you’re as the sun
That shines out through these galaxies
shimmering and warm, ahAnd I think you’re so
beautiful, oh, oh, oh, oh
and if there’s one thing I believe at all
It’s how much I would miss you
if you disappear into the divineIt’s how much I would miss you
if you disappear into the divine
It’s how much I would miss you
if you disappear into the divine
How much, how much
how much, how much
How much, how much
how much, how much, how, how much
If you disappear into the
How much, how much
(how much), hey, hey, hey, hey