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Yellow Vibrations, Spiders and Bob

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Yellow is such a great color. It seems to vibrate. This morning the cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, had opened their blossoms.

In the early morning light this yellow, in shadow, is subdued.

Waxy pale yellow peppers and Frank’s orange shirt.

These peppers could be stuffed with feta and soaked in oil. Naughty.

We have lots of spiders and yesterday I took one from the far side of the driveway and let it loose in the squash/cuke bin.

I did see a couple of spidery strings shining in the morning light today.

 I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a spider web in that bin.

Here is another cuke blossom and a spider with lovely red segments on its legs. This one is in the territory where I snatched a younger spider probably of this type.

This one is strung out on the wild climbing rose.



Spiders are busy spinning webs. Then wait for another critter to wander in and once they do they have no choice but to stick around.

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore Cate Blanchett? I love her. I delight in her every move.

She was amazing, of course, in Todd Haynes’ Bob movie.

Last night Frank and I finally watched “I’m Not There.”

Todd Haynes is frickin’ brilliant. He majored in art and semiotics at Brown.

It shows in all his films, especially “I’m Not There” seeing as how Bob Dylan is, arguably, a semioticians dream subject.

I loved the movie because it had great music. How could it not? And because it made intelligent, creative and funny references to all the major players in Bob’s life. It was graceful and poetic and cinematically gorgeous. It celebrated Bob in every frame while still being part critique. There was love throughout every second of it’s 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Some won’t get it because not everyone has chosen to live their life consumed by music and it’s attendant culture or, shall I say. cultures.

Haynes chose some of my fave Bob tunes and the covers were amazing. At the end of the film I was super stoked and surprised to find that the extremely interesting version of “Ballad of Hollis Brown” was done by Iggy and the Stooges! Nice touch.

And Calexico, with Jim James of My Morning Jacket on vocals, killed “Goin’ to Acapulco!” they stomped that sucker into sublime submission. James, in white face, was on stage in the center of town, in this great Canadian recreation of an old west settlement. It was beatiful and so well sung I may have to reconsider My Morning Jacket.

I even want the soundtrack but I’d pay big bucks for an album full of Cate Blanchett’s Dylan covers.