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The Past is Present

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If you are well versed in the new physics you understand the possibility that all things that ever have existed, do exist or will exist all do so simultaneously.

Check out Fred Alan Wolf on his book “The Yoga of Time Travel.”

If you have ever seen the film “Peggy Sue Got Married” you may be familiar with “Richard’s Burrito”. Peggy’s brainy friend, Richard, theorizes about time folding over on its self.

You can rent it at Netflix. It’s a fun movie beautifully directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

Some believe that all energy in the universe is one energy moving at various vibrational speeds. From Jesus to a table, all things of this world are created from the same cosmic stuff.

According to Werner Heisenberg’s uncertainty principal, we, that is our minds, influence how all these things are perceived. In the act of turning our attention toward something we influence how it comes into being.

In this photograph we see Albert Einstein and Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore in a meeting of the minds. 

Given these theoretical positions I now look at the presence of websites recreating past places and scenes as a sort of burrito cheat sheet. 

Some of us aren’t yet quite as practiced in our time-travel yoga as we might be but, collectively, we can create a time machine mash up from various sources, internal and external.

Many people are contributing to a virtual recreation of that thick forest of musical growth that I refered to in my last post.

Laurel Canyon, Hollywood, the Sunset Strip, and the people who reinvigorated it. No, not Motley Crew but they had their day, too.

The most evocative element of any collage of the 60s on the West Coast for me is the presence of Eucalyptus trees.

Here is an excerpt from a site I just discovered that amplifies the material from Michael Walker’s book Laurel Canyon:The Inside Story of Rock n Roll’s Legendary Neighborhood. Cool.

As Frank’s widow, Gail Zappa, told me:

“The place was huge and vaultlike and cavernous. It was so dark. I think the oldest eucaluptus tree in Southern California overshadowed the whole property. There was no floor in the kitchen, just this sort of platform in one corner that had the stove sitting on it. It was infested constantly with bus groups of rock and roll bands looking for a place to crash—they would just show up at all hours of the day and night…There were no locks on any of the doors. It was insanity.”


This is not part of the quote I just cant’ get it out of this tab setting.

Here are a few of the frequentors of Frank and Gail’s cabin:

Beautiful, fun girls. They were Hollywood in a strong way.

This photo is from Pamela Des Barres site.