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Springfield vs The Seeds, 9th Grade War

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The day I published my Mothers of Invention post I checked into my Etsy shop and found that I had sold a print of my freshly cropped Frank Zappa portrait.

I figured that was pretty cosmic. It was the first Zappa print I had ever sold.

The woman who bought it turned out to be a beautiful and ultra tuned-in free thinker. We convoed back and for a bit. It turn out her brother was Pamela Des Barres first boyfriend. Nutty, huh?

I have been charting the cosmic for a while now. I read (present tense) a ton of books about life after life, life between life, life before life, you know. My curiosities run toward the magical.

I’m not alone. There are more and more TV shows centered around psychic phenomena.

I lament that they didn’t do another season of Psychic Kids with the heroic Chip Coffey. Though the Biography channel is showing reruns.

Yesterday, The View, which I turn on for my granny to watch as she’s eating her morning meal, had psychic James Van Praagh on and a duo of ex-plumber ghost hunters, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.

Psychic phenomena and attempted communications from departed loved ones can happen in many ways.  

We should take notice of little things that float onto our real life screen.  We hear about something we’d just thought about. We see a butterfly floating near us in conjunction thoughts about a missed friend.

Feathers are supposed to be widely used as a visual communication from those on the other side though I have yet to see one. There are many ways the other side tries to get our attention. The signs are simple, subtle.

Some call it coincidence. Bob’s line “Take what you have gathered from coincidence” from “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” has always resonated with me. And I have gathered plenty.

I like to call Dylan “Bob.” In my head, he deserves the one name power-diva move like Cher, Madonna, Judy, cuz there is only one Bob for me.

Okay, I’ll try to get back to the point here. Notice the title of this post. I will often get a blank page up and slap a title on it to hold an an idea I have for a future post. I decided it was time to explore the fascinating high school-era topic of dueling favorite bands.

Last night as my honey watched his evening hour of All My Children I was stunned to hear The Seeds “Can’t Seem to Make You Mine” being played over a happy-gathering bar dance scene.

AMC never plays anything retro or anywhere near that cool. I sat there letting my soul roll thinking of Sky Saxon.

“I cant seem to make you mine, aww.”  It was always the whiny longing in that “aww” at the end of the line that got your attention. Well, here, check it out:

After seeing the next video with Sky playing the teardrop bass, I wonder if her fancied himself the American Brian Jones.

The mighty Leo frontman will have a birthday on the 20th. I have to say that Sky was really strange and magnetic but not very smart. That’s okay. He was very good at what he did.

One of my favorite Kim Fowley quotes is this: “Sky Saxon is what you’d get if Mick Jagger had sex with a donkey.” Snarky? YES! But Kim is special, an unrecognized genius. He’s got a great, if warped mind, and he’s still here doing it. Dig him now in Mayor of the Sunset Strip!

That Fowley quote comes via Barney Hoskyns’ book “Waiting For the Sun: Strange Days, Weird Scenes and the Sound of Los Angeles.” A very informative portrait of LA as a music town.

Back in the 9th grade I liked the Seeds but I loved the Buffalo Springfield. I came in to my first and only year of high school fully loaded with a radical obsession with music and a particular fondness for the Springfield.

That bent lead me to become friends with a girl in my science class. Her name was name Pam Sprout.

Yes, the testosterone-poisoned young men had a field day. It didn’t help that Pam was stacked, as they used to say, and drew their attention anyway. Pam was a very smart girl and one who had the DIY spirit early on. She didn’t take much shit from anyone. She was cool and kinda femme butch and she loved the Seeds.

We spent lunch hours arguing the superiority of one band over the other. I went to see the Springfield whenever they played within reasonable parent-driving distance. Pam dragged me to see the Seeds whenever she could get someone to drive us to L.A.

Go back and watch that You Tube videos one more time. You see the organ player who seems to love himself a whole lot? That’s Daryl Hooper. He was Pam’s favorite. I said “Eww.”

Oh, but the seductive sideburns! The Jeffersonian cuffs and stylee-thing of his jacket! The boots!

Maybe he had an audition with Paul Revere and the Raiders that afternoon.  Maybe I was jealous.