The Open Sky

Carved Blocks of the Week!

This is the block print I carved this week. I printed it in sepia. I need to try it in black.

It’s a bas-relief of an eagle eating heart that I made look like a flower. Our hearts are the flower that blooms inside of us. 

The original is carved into the east side of pyramid B at Tula, Hidalgo in Mexico.

The Toltecs made it during what is considered their early post-classic period, said Michael D. Coe in “Mexico: From the Olmecs to the Aztecs.”

I once had a dream that a newspaper flashed onto the screen of my mind. The headline said Man Cuts Out Daughter’s Heart. I then saw a scene of the ritual occurring atop a pyramid structure. That was 1973. Long before I became fascinated with and learned about the early mesoamerican cultures.

From Coe: “Also in the temple (at Tula) and in other parts of the ceremonial precinct were the peculiar sculptures called “chacmools,” reclining personages bearing round dishes or recepticles for human hearts on their bellies: these were probably avatars of the Rain God.”

This image is a man with a bird hat.

I’d like a hat like that to wear for a special occassion. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the great desire to live in a more theatrical world. A world where we routinely make large gestures and do things to surprise and delight one another. A world where we dress up.

Not to the degree that they did in France in the 1700s but something more than normal daily wear. I wish people in the course of their day felt they were allowed to slip into some subtle satire, some acting, more good-natured silliness.

Along the same lines I’m continue to be bothered by the desire to make large decorative items from papier mache (chewed paper). I could paint them in bright colors and stick them on the wall. Bigger and brighter is sometimes better.

Ruby’sLounge over at Etsy makes beautiful large sculptures of deer head.



I just had to write a little bump post about Sky Saxon and the Seeds.

This is a fairly recent picture of Sky (right) with the great Arthur Lee.



Sky’s wife Sabrina commented on the last post and left really great info on how to check out Sky and the Seeds current efforts.

Their myspace has new music and I was stoked to hear their cover of the Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” They also do a cover of “Gloria,” “Wild Thing,” and the greatest Burt Bacharach song, blown wide open by Love, “My Little Red Book.”

He’s still looking good and rockin’ out. If you read the comments for the last post you’ll see that Sky’s first-born daughter lives in Redding. More Syncronicity.

Who could make me feel the things that Arthur Lee has made me feel? Who’s creations could win my undying admiration.

Burt Bacarach wrote that one. But no one did it like Arthur Lee and Love. That was back in the day but he could do it till the end.



2 Responses to “The Open Sky”

  1. Ohhh nice stamp 🙂 Love the Aztec and Mayan stuff 🙂

  2. […] Remember the dream I told you about? A flash of an anachronistic newspaper headline of a daughter being sacrified by her father? This image is rife with meaning connected that distant recollection. […]

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