August Vegetal Slump and Artichokes

Check out my fake tattoo. I applied permanent marker to my left fore arm.

Last night Frank asked what image I’d choose if I could have Kat or Cory of L.A. ink fame give me a tattoo. This self-inflicted tattoo is nothing like what I would get If I ever got one.

I couldn’t think of any representational image I’d love and that is where Cory and Kat excel.


Since I love color I’d have to go with Hannah Atchinson.

This is Kim Saigh and Hannah at High Voltage. There is a short article at Chicago Mag about Kim and Hannah.

One of the coolest things in the world is that Hannah has a brother, Guy Atchison, who is an amazing skin artist. His wife, Michele Wortman, is too.

I decided that if I got color I would get matching Gaudi or nouveau-esque, curved design cuffs on my forearms. Next time i play with a fake tattoo maybe I’ll try to approximate what I imagine. The color has to be just right. I’m sort of obsessed with the idea of a tobbacco brown right now. I want that color in my bathroom but I don’t want to paint. I’m imagining some form of watercolor wash or, since I doubt the landlady would appreciate the alteration, I dream that I might find large sheets of see-through stick gel that I could apply.


I made a surprising discovery while cruising through the list of gardening blogs on Bernal Heights gardening cutie chuck b’s My Back 40 Feet.

Ivette Soler of Eagle Rock , Ca has a great blog called Germinatrix. Here i discovered that artichokes look like this when they bloom. Why would anyone eat an artichoke? This is fabulous.

Things in my container garden are moving along.

When I decided to go gung ho over planting this season that enthusiasm was based soley on a great experience two years ago with the Early Girl tomato. I’m pretty sure they are impossible to screw up. They are delicious and very productive.

I thought what the hell, I’ll try new things. I’m completely with out any gardening knowledge but I’ll by plenty of plants and we’ll be rolling in vegetables.

I grew broccoli twenty years ago in Seattle. It took forever and then finally I got two stalks of broccoli. Admittedly we didn’t have much space or sun. it was a n experiment.

Plants take time and that I have learned over the years if little else.

I think some plants need more sun that some of these guys are getting. There is a 10 foot hedge planted on the east side of the driveway and an enormous pine tree nearby.

This is the bean plant from about 10 days ago. It looks pretty much the same this week. I think it is one of a few plants that blossom and then lose their flowers skipping the vegetable production part. I know this is not good. But i have no idea why it happens.

I experienced my vegetable buying enthusiasm late in the planting season and it’s likely that I chose plants that more savvy gardeners had rejected. They may have been obviously inferior or marked with some subtle sign of disease. I would be blind to all but the most wiped out specimen. And then there’s the sad and lonely effect. Could I walk away from a poor scraggly plant? I seriously tried to be hard-hearted and choose only robust vegetation.

We bought great soil and I fertilize with veggie Miracle Grow. Some plants seem happy.

We do have spider friends that keep appearing.

I even saw a small one in the cuke/squash bin. I wonder if it’s the one I carried there. I see far fewer green aphids. Still the whole lot is a little shabby. Hbout half the flowers on the cukes have dried up. Could it be the extreme heat?







The “regular” eggplant has yet to produce any vegetable-like growth. Lots of flowers have come and gone. I’d feel vegetatively impotent but the Japanese eggplant is loaded with aubergine hunks.

I cut the first one today and now have the task of deciding how cook it. Isn’t it a great color?

Yes, the Early Girls are rocking. They jam out with their clams out.



2 Responses to “August Vegetal Slump and Artichokes”

  1. YES YES YES! I’m in a veggie state right now (like, in love with).
    My current obsessions are:
    1. Habanero
    2. Baby Bok Choy
    3. Carrots

    These guys make a good band.

    Also…Carrot, Potato and Mushroom rock. Power trio.

  2. Call any vegetable. Call them by name. Call them today when you get off the train. Call any vegetable and the chances are good that the vegetable will respond to you.

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