Catherine James.

Nice name and one that you would have heard if you had been very interested in the special girls who were close to the creative poeple in the 60s and 70s. Some call them groupies.

I never had any real or personal information about her. It seemed she was talked about in hushed tones. A sort of reverberant regal “ahhhh!” hovered around her. She was the queen. 

A contemporary of Pamela Des Barres, they’ve nowbeen friends for years.

Catherine now has a book about her very strange and wonderful life. In this photo you can plainly see that she is the offspring of great Hollywood beauties but see that sad look in her eyes? Don’t you want to hug her? 

Catherine’s story is insanely compelling. Her mother, though beautiful, was cruel and abusive. She never had a stable home but did have short periods with a loving grandmother. Catherine has a deep spiritual core that kept her together during the crazy childhood she endured. She had beautiful dreams.

By the age of 15, to be true to herself, after having had some deep conversations with Bob Dylan about freedom, she went alone into the world and relied upon the kindness of strangers. And there were plenty of amazing strangers, all of whom took her under their wing for a moment.

You have to read this story. You can read the first page here.

 Note to Jess: I read half way through in one sitting. It’s on it’s way to S.F. as soon as the last page is turned.


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