Pam Sprout Raven-haired Geek Goddess

Pam Sprout was intense. It’s nice to say that about someone besides myself. In 1967 she was pretty bold and pretty ballsy “for a chick” and that’s what I loved about her aside from her magnetism.

She was a Virgo but she must have had some Scoprio in her chart. Our girl talk included wild tales about sexual adventures. Sure, I know now that probably half of what she said was bullshit, but I was/am so gullible. I believed her.

She was the first person I ever met who was writing a book. When she told me that she was writing a rock novel a light went off in my head. You mean regular people, even teenagers can write books? Wow. I soon got to work on my teen rock crap novel which starred Mickey Dolenz as the true love heart-throb and Stephen Stills as the wicked cad interloper.

I guess it had something to do with the fact that Mickey and I had a previous relationship. This is Mickey Dolenz from his Circus Boy days.

I watched that show faithfully so when the Monkees rolled around He was an old friend.

You can see why I chose Stephen as the cad by looking at this charming photograph.

I had heard plenty about his exploits and in my childish mind there were puppy boys and sex men. My sexual maturity was sincerely retarded. It would be years and years before I really knew what was what but even back then I was pretty sure Stephen was “what” and I prefered the safety of dear Mickey Dolenz.

Another idea of Pam’s that was even better than the book idea was her desire to start a band. She and her friend Roxanne, (was that her name? or was it Rachel?) were already practicing, Pam confessed (invented) during one of our phone conversations.

I dreamed of taking my granny’s chord-organ over to Pam’s house and rockin’ out with the delicious raven-haired woman-girl.

I know, super ultra lame. I was a little desperate dweeb.

dweeb: an unattractive, insignificant or inept person.

The day it was to happen I ditched school and my granny would not let me out of the house. Teen angst twisted my heart.

As I recall, and this is definitely subject to gross inaccuracy, Pam was quiet but quite a thinker with her own opinions. I could see her in corduroy pants and sneakers but I’m sure in 1967 there was a dress code that stipulated all girls must wear skirts or dresses. I must be recalling her after school attire.

Pam had her dark side, and who knows, she could have had problems at home but something tells me in retrospect she was just being dramatic. She, like me, had a very active imagination.

Pam spoke in the lowest register of her vocal chords could produce. Her voice was kinda deep and no nonsense for a girl. I liked to talk to her on the phone. I always got the feeling that she thought I was a dumb ass. I was horribly naive. But I bet in reality her coolness involved a lot of faking it. Still I believed she was capable of most of the things she claimed to have done or said she was going to do.

I never thought of this before but I wonder if she decided to elect the Seeds as her favorite band as some sort of perverse pun — Sprout-Seeds.

I wonder what ever became of Pamela Sprout. It was Santiago High Scool, 1967/68 in Garden Grove California. Are you out there Pam? Anybody know?


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