Electric Kool Aid Grassy Mess

Grasses are growing in the kitchen window.

They have grown very tall and should be consumed. I leave them to become scraggly.

 I did give one to my granny’s cat, Sam. I didn’t plant them thickly enough for their roots to bind the top of the dirt in a neat tangle. So, when he drags the grass around his little area of the kitchen it makes quite a mess.

Have I mentioned that there are four, count ’em, four planets in Virgo?

We have Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Mars was in Virgo until it slipped into Libra just yesterday, but wait, the Sun will be in Virgo Sunday.

Colby? Are you okay? Moises?

For those of us with Virgo and Gemini these planetary jaunts, all ganged up in Mercury-ruled Virgo can be, to put it mildly  . . . umm . . . tension-inducing . In the past, too many planets in Virgo has worked my nerves like enduring full days of nails screeching down big old blackboard.

We might find ourselves suddenly possessed by a dire need to be very tidy. We may be obsessed with the analysis of the most minute aspects of things in the world around us. It can resemble the state in which  we find ourselves when we have consumed too many stimulants.

Yesterday I found it a blightful torture to subject myself to the scabrous environment of WalMart. Well, I’ll admit I always feel like that but it was especially icky. My apologies to all the good people who work in that environment. I mean no offense. It’s just a quirk of mine.

The gas station I chose had the cheapest gas my pocket book has seen in months but the place seemed exceedingly unkempt.

This one is heavenly by comparison. 

I was practically having the fantods by the time I got back home.

Oh . . . did I mention we might become hyper-verbal?

This Virgoian energy can also goad us into action and if we take a lot of deep breaths it might even be productive action instead of the chicken-without-its-head variety.

Okay girl, now ORGANIZE!

I seem to be doing pretty well this year but I have plenty of places to channel it. I’m sure it’s helped me absorb the new computer training at work. It was easy. It was fun It occupied my rattled mind.

Today I start organizing and producing postcards. I’ve got a list full of artsy projects. But! at

I know that tonight Moises Domingo Rios will treat eveeryone who listens to the initial broadcast of the reading of Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool-aid Acid Test.

This is the cover with which I am familiar. there are others.

But The glory of this event is that someone whill read us Wolfe’s poetic masterpiece.

Everybody who reads this should tune their computorial receiving device to west add radio tonight. In California that’s 10 p.m. to 12 a.m.

 If you are elsewhere calculate to Pacific time and check the station.

I can’t wait!

Here is a blog with a young man’s alternative covers for Electric KoolAid Acid Test.

Hey, I see Moises has found the covers!


Something else cool for my roving mind.

The lovely Gen turned me on to a piece of writing by Patti Smith-Smith (hello, FSS) that deals with rock, rebellion and her R n R Hall of Fame induction. It’s here on the Alice in Wonderland blog. Thank you, Gen.

This is some kind of organic growth on a branch I picked up while walking.

I made it part of a hanging sculpture.

These mirrors reflect the morning light and can create quite a light show at the right time of year.

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