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And God Created Woman

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Today’s post is courtesy of Dear Jessica Pratt, XOXO, just as beautiful as either of the ladies below. Open this link while you’re reading and listen to her beautiful music. You’ll be glad you did.

We had talked about my doing a painting of Pamela Des Barres and I have been wanting to do more women. These ladies are dreamy.

We Love You Miss Pamela!!

Here is Jessica’s proposal:

“Speaking of the ladies, it’s ’bout time you did portraits Des Barres and Faithfull. I’ve tried here to collect a few photos of these ladies in order to assist your creations. Both Pamela and Marianne have strikingly pleasant and beautiful faces, but very much unique in their features. Pamela has her daintily-diveted chin, slope nose and bunny teeth. Marianne has her masquerade mask flat face, wide lips and “lizard eyes” as Mr. Brian likes to put it. And don’t forget those freckles! Also, they both have at least two very different eras of self to choose from:


Young, pre-Beefheart Pamela is wholesome and sunny.


More radical Des Barres is strangely sexual and look at how curly her hair is!


GTO’s era Des Barres would probably be the most interesting and colorful subject for your paintings.







Then there’s red-head Des Barres which is a whole other ball game.


As far as Faithfull goes:  







The full-blown, mid-to-late-seventies junky Faithfull is pretty interesting, I think. Her teeth seemed to get smaller and smaller and I feel like you could hear her gums when she spoke and sang. I think of a strange elegant, garbled sound when I see her face in pictures like these.




Well, I love you and I’m eager to see the results.”



Aww! I am inspired, sweet girl. I always do a much better job of painting when I love the person to be painted and love the person who will receive the painting.

Thanks, honey bunch.

Home Studio, Chocolate Pottery and Pumpkins

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This is one of my favorite Dutch Brothers (coffee) stickers. My actual favorite reads Dig Life. I missed receiving one on free-sticker Wednesday by just minutes. They ran out shortly before I rolled up to the window at the Ductch Bros. on Churn Creek Road that day.

I didn’t even know they had free-sticker Wednesdays because I rarely hit the Dutch Bros. drive-thru. I still dig life even though I did not get the sticker that would let others know I do.

Yesterday I stopped by the Discovery Shop to find a few long-sleeved shirts. I found a very nice pink and green shirt and bought two jersey pullover shirts which I have cut up the middle to create light sweater-like garments. One was red and one a sort of dusty pink.

The best thing I purchased was the Allied Pottery made in the late 40s through early 50s in San Francisco. I found six rich chocolate brown plates and four cups. They cost $25. I am loathe to buy things I don’t need these days, because of course I’m saving to move into my dream home in Bernal Heights, but I could not resist.

A tag of $25 is steep for the Discovery Shop if the items are not obvious antiques. The sales volunteers were aghast. $25! I loved the plates and I felt their fiesta-ware-era vibe so I was happy to pay big. Now I must try not to break them.

I searched on the web for “Allied Pottery, S.F.” which is carved onto the bottom of the plates.

I found this article in the S.F. Chronicle. I learned about Enid Sales and about her efforts to restore Victorian-style homes in the city.

Enid says:

“I did quite a bit of the work myself. I knew how to do things. I wasn’t this weak sister.”

I love that quote. She is a pip.

I am determined today to get some creative work going. I’ve got lots to do.

Here is a picture of Andy that I put in my laundry room. It used to be my painting space but I’ve moved everything into the living room.


I’ve been busy here polishing up the beautiful horses on my creative carousel. I still have so much to do to render it a smooth science.

This is the painting table. You can see my noteboard, the hand carved wooden Jesus portrait that I found at one of my favorite thrift stores a couple of years ago and Souroctopus’s great print from Etsy. 

My daughter Jessica suggested that I do a portrait of Miss Pamela Des Barres and that is a great idea.

When I do I will probably use this pic as a guide.  Beautiful Girls! I always loved Miss Christine’s look too.

This pic is from this Alice Cooper site.

 He got a head start on his schtick by knowing and being open to the GTO’s aesthetic. 

More home studio pix:

Here is where I have been doing most of my work over the past year. I make my stamps and I.D. my postcards in this spot.

It looks kinda sloppy with all the wires. It’s a work in progress, a busy, plugged-in place.

I spent months enthralled by the process of making Bitty Pix from Shrinky sheets. I have not found that many share my enthusiasm for the little pictures.

This splitting of my energies between (at least) two pursuits has been a lifelong dilemma. Those of us with Gemini Rising and or Venus in Aries have a tendency to be over the top in love with something and then we lose interest once the subject has been thoroughly explored. I guess that makes us fickle but the thrill of the new can be very inticing.

Milk cartons make a cheap way to acheive diffused lighting for photographs and they shield my sensitive eyes from the bright lights I need to see what i am doing.

Here is one of a new series of postcard subjects.

I am using words and images from an old dictionary. This photograph accompanied the definition of “dickey.” I suppose back in the day a woman would have worn a jacket over this.

I like the hairdo and the hand on the hip.

“Keep your eyes on the prize.”

I’ve been listening to a random Jessica-made CD. Listening to the folky, rolling traditional song sung by a voice that was familiar but not instantly recognizable. For a minute I though it was Taj Mahal. Then the voice began to creak and lurch in a way that Taj’s would not. Then I got it — Bruce Springsteen in a people’s music moment. You know, when he does that Bob sort of thing. Here come the New Orleans horns, here comes the second line, shake it Martha. Step lively!

Here is a N’awlins second line rendered in pumpkin, baby!

Check out this fabulous photographer/pumpkin carver.

Click on the photographs they link to the pumpkins.