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Boxes, Pilgrimage and Paper Lanterns

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Currently listening to Maureen Tucker’s Life in Exile After Abduction:

I am in the habit of bringing home every small to medium size box that is tossed on the trash heap at my place of work. I have filled a third of my laundry room with a variety of them.

I often send things through the mail. Like everything packing material are costly, so, I recycling corporate waste.

This stack is just a portion of these recovered envelope boxes. They aren’t really heavy enough to use for mailing most things.

Before my last flurry of mailings the laundry room was getting awfully crowded. I almost threw them out.  

I kept them because I knew, eventually, I would use them.

I have hundreds of cassette tapes. Some are the last remaining pre-CD elements of my 80s and 90s music collection. Awhile back I inherited a new batch from a former workmate. Thanks, Larry!

My goal is to listen to everything so I can start making mix tapes for the world. Glory Hallelujah.

Most of these tapes survived my music-loving daughter’s teenage years. We lost a few Stones tapes to wear and tear, maybe a Dylan, too. Those were sad moments, driving somewhere in our beater Toyota, being fully absorbed in the sounds and have the tape snap. I think it happened once as Jessica and I were grooving to “12 x 5.”  Bitter disruption. Oh, well, we just popped in “Exile on Main Street” and carried on.

I now have 20 or so that no longer have their plastic cases. I decided I would make little slip cases out of these evelope boxes. Just something simple with the name in BIG LETTERS so they are easy to see. This is actually “Viva, Roxy.” I’ll have to relabel but that will be easy as I have also collected wonderful white boxes from work that hold labels. It seems they often toss out the last couple of feet of the continuous sheet of labels with the box! 

The white boxes are perfect for the plushies I make.

Here is a lavender whale and an orange squid.

They are from my Etsy shop where I must get to work.

 Christmas is coming in America. Etsy is a good place for interesting, inexpensive gifts.


 How’s that? Pretty rich, right?

I say give me the blonde with the golden gloves and the leopard print shirt. Twiddle those knobs, sweetie.

More recycling, something in the warm colors.

 I found this photo on the streets of San Francisco. It had been tossed into the trash and had a bit of food smeared on it. I gently wiped it away. You can see it’s someone’s very special moment with Marilyn.

It could have been a pilgrimage a great importance. Perhaps it was a jealous boyfriend who so cruely discarded it. Or maybe the woman had to quickly vacate her TenderNob apartment when she could no longer afford the rent. I know she will survive.

I used the pliable cork-cover from a champagne bottle to frame the photo and a bit of thin copper wire. Then I laid on some bus passes that Miss Jessica gave me.

I painted the outer frame in red roses. You can’t see the detail easily. I added red stars. Why not?

Geez, it doesn’t look like anyone has scrubbed the walk of stars in a while, does it? (Four planets currently in Virgo).