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Sepia Buddha

Posted in Art with tags , , on August 30, 2008 by darcyarts

It’s Saturday. This week’s days off are gone.

I managed to finish carving my Buddha block and print a couple of proofs. I haven’t quite got the hang of pressing out the image.

If I rub it too vigorously moves on the paper and the image smudges. If I don’t press firmly and evenly I don’t get all the ink onto the paper.

I will continue to work on this block. I’ll probably remove the material inside the flame like ring in the inner aura.

I drew this image last year and finally got around to transferring it to a block.

As you can see I whimped out and did not recreate the curls on the hair. My cutters don’t do tight circles on this Dick Blick Soft Cut.

I need to invent a new tool. There’s probably one out there that does tiny circles. Any suggestions?

I spent the night having a steady stream of dreams. I think I overdid some guarana-laced beveragesyesterday. Gotta stick with the mat`e It’s good to me.

I dreamed of my sister and of little children in her care. There were Native American overtones. There was great cinematic color and lovely action and environments slightly spoiled by corporate spies. I dreamed of lots of people in a combination class-room party atmosphere, some dancing in a mellow conga line, a metaphor for life, I guess.

Here is another image I captured on my TV. There is alot of art used on the History Channel. This depiction of a heart-taking sacrifice kicks ass.

It’s good to see that even artist of this caliber can put thumbs of the wrong side of a hand. Unless that guy’s arm in just really screwed up.

Remember the dream I told you about? A flash of an anachronistic newspaper headline of a daughter being sacrified by her father? This image is rife with meaning connected that distant recollection.

It may be the next block I cut.