Lazy Sunday, Look Into My Eyes

Strolling through old favorites at Etsy this morning as always I discovered new things there. So many cool peeps producing wonderful new things. So much good work to stumble upon. It made me feel lazy.

Yes, I have had the push of Virgo stimulation with those four, now only three planets in that busy sign. The moon is there with the Sun all Sunday. I did have legitimate distractions. Red-Tape type business to attend to and oh, yes, the photo shoot. All the fabulous things fill a fabulous life.

I learned today at Etsy that you can make natural dies. the technique is only for natural fabrics because you have to boil the shit out of them. You can use yellow onion husks, red cabbage and/or tumeric. I guess there are probably plenty more natural dye producing things you can use and I’m sure they can be found online. I’ll bet if I boiled a white undershirt for 45 minutes in a vat of coffee it would get brown or at least beige (add salt to make the dye adhere). I was craving a beige undershirt only days ago. Hey, I could add some tumeric to the coffee and have that wonderful tobacco brown for which I have been lusting of late!

I found this crazy woman artist at CallowLilyArt

This cross is beautiful. She had lots of bold neck charms and other things, shoes even, bags, etc. They’re a little expensive for me. If I was going to buy something it would be this cross.

This artist works in Ukiah. The bio portion of the Etsy shop gives only a birthdate of January 22. Mystique works, eh?

Mystique is so not my style.

What’s funny is that I can imagine that there are many people with whom I work who are completely mystified by me. They probably are confused my stylie tendencies. There is only two or maybe three women in the whole building who radiate authentic cool. I finally spoke to an especially wonderful girl last week. She’s a rock chick deep down and as is my way, I have a soul crush on her beautiful energy.

I bought a bunch of buttons from mymy. I’m going to give her a little present.

I’m a dizzy-headed dreamer but I can work in this world despite the callous and shitty tendencies of some entities.

I was surely a bit depressed by reading the dependable Rockie Horoscope over at LA WEEKLY.

But then so was she.

“It’s John McCain’s 72nd birthday, and after writing a detailed description of his progressed chart, I got depressed and bailed. Sorry,” Rockie said.

It looks, astrologically, as if McCain might stand a good chance of being victorious in this year’s presidential election.

Thinking about that possibility makes me feel like all the air got sucked out of the room.

You can read Rockie’s weekly horoscope here.

All the planets that are tripping through Virgo now are on their way into Libra next. Mercury, Venus and Mars are already there. In my chart that means they are gathering in my fifth house. The house of creativity, lovers, recreation. I’ll be doing more art work. Want a freebie astro chart? Go to astrolabe.

These are photo portraits of my dunce figure. Now he has mystique.

The photo with the orange background was taken by the light of our sparkle-glow lamp.

The red one was engineered inside my handmade light box.

A simple geeky being looking out at the world. Is there an autobiographical element you ask. Maybe.

I have in the past whined about my desire to bring some coherence to my Etsy shop.

I see one unifying factor that haunts every page. All the faces and creatures and beings there are staring out at the beholder. I wonder if that unnerves people.

“There are so many pairs of eyes looking at me,” Frank said of the art up eveywhere in our old bedroom. It was  my snug first studio.

The walls and interior spaces were covered with faces and in the faces, eyes. Eyes are the window of the soul. I love to look into people’s eyes.

How often do I get to do it?  I liked looking into the green eyes of that cool rocker girl at work, the one with the short dark hair with magenta highlights. She is really in there and full of spirit fire.

2 Responses to “Lazy Sunday, Look Into My Eyes”

  1. Love this one:

    Long time no talk, been working up a storm 🙂

  2. I wish i could say the same. I have been uber lazy. You keep up the good work, both of you.
    I am trying to bust out with some painting, soon.

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