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Spiders, Basil, New Orleans

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Out this morning to have a look at the Cuke/Squash bucket I noticed the blossom on this chili had formed a little skirt around its middle. There is even a little bluish tassle. Dainty, eh?

I took a closer look and saw the fly. I sort of blew lightly in its direction and it wriggled but did not fly away.

Inside with the photo up on the screen I could see that a spider has a hold on this fly. See his little legs?

Good Work Spider!

I also had the opportunity to rescue the little brown spider I’d transferred to the Cuke/Squash bin from a watery death. I read that you could fill yellow containers with water to drown the aphids. I placed four tiny yellow lids in the bin and filled them.

I see less aphids on the squash blossoms but we’re still losing some to creepy destructo bugs.

I gues the little brown spider can only eat so many aphids. I also read that you can just squash some and that will act as a deterent.

What bug would want to eat in a place covered in aphid guts?

I guess you never know. It could be ambrosia to some.

Yesterday on my way to work I listened to the CD that came with this month’s Mojo. It’s a collection of tunes from Seattle’s Sub Pop label. It’s in honor of their 20th Anniversary.

I loved Flight of the Concord’s song “Bowie.” It’s satire and very, very funny.

I wanted to be able to put it right onto my blog. That frustrated desire made me realize I need to get schooled on how to transform music files.

I know there is a way. Now I must research. I must learn.

Do eggplants learn? What sort of work is it to grow their aubergine skin and tender whitish yellow-green insides?

I did not nip this bud from the cinnamon basil. I wanted to see the flowers. Very pretty.

They remind me of snap dragons.

I love the form of this series of blossoms. A tower of dark purple curves that open into pinkish lavender flowers. Beneath are green brown leaves and purple green stems.

And it is so fragrant.

It seems like New Orleans is calling. I mentioned it a few posts ago and Nick Spitzer’s American Routes had a great New Orleans-themed radio show last night.

It always captures my imagination because I have a desire to live in a place with a sense of community that matches my sensibilities.

It is wild, sweet, deep, imperfect and gloriously gaudy or so it is in my impressionable mind.

The humidity would be a draw back but it would curl my hair. That’s a good thing.

I recently watched a Miami Ink where Ami and the boys went to New Orleans. Yoji Harada is a cool guy (him with his band).

It seems he’s psychically sensitive, too. He could sense ghosty entities in the old firehouse where the boys stayed.

It was a little frightening to see the new gray wall of reinforced levy built in New Orleans and sad to see the damage still lingering.

I imagine that the new New Orleans is going to draw some very interesting people People who have a heart for the way things were, the history, the people and the rich, rich funky pot of cultural mojo. I would think the DIY spirit would be strong in the folks who go on this restorational adventure.

I hope New Orleans is peopled with creative doers and is not tragically transformed by developers who will kill the mojo. Maybe the mojo is so strong it can work to preserve the place as it is meant to be. And maybe if the city blossoms, righteously anew, the engrained mojo will drive away the greed demons.

Harry Shearer moved there. You can hear his radio program Le Show on NPR. It’s on Sunday from 10 to 11 a.m. on the Redding/Chico station at 88.9FM.

This picture is from a New Orleans blog, Squandered Heritage. Check it out. 

There is a conference going on this weekend “Rising Tide III: A Conference on the Future of New Orleans.”

Nick Spitzer said that Tulane had opened with full enrollment for this fall.

The 2009 New Orleans Jazz Festival will be at the end of April.

That sounds like a great vacation.

Harry Shearer used to travel there for it and do his show from there each year, Now he’s a permanent fixture.

And God Created Woman

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Today’s post is courtesy of Dear Jessica Pratt, XOXO, just as beautiful as either of the ladies below. Open this link while you’re reading and listen to her beautiful music. You’ll be glad you did.

We had talked about my doing a painting of Pamela Des Barres and I have been wanting to do more women. These ladies are dreamy.

We Love You Miss Pamela!!

Here is Jessica’s proposal:

“Speaking of the ladies, it’s ’bout time you did portraits Des Barres and Faithfull. I’ve tried here to collect a few photos of these ladies in order to assist your creations. Both Pamela and Marianne have strikingly pleasant and beautiful faces, but very much unique in their features. Pamela has her daintily-diveted chin, slope nose and bunny teeth. Marianne has her masquerade mask flat face, wide lips and “lizard eyes” as Mr. Brian likes to put it. And don’t forget those freckles! Also, they both have at least two very different eras of self to choose from:


Young, pre-Beefheart Pamela is wholesome and sunny.


More radical Des Barres is strangely sexual and look at how curly her hair is!


GTO’s era Des Barres would probably be the most interesting and colorful subject for your paintings.







Then there’s red-head Des Barres which is a whole other ball game.


As far as Faithfull goes:  







The full-blown, mid-to-late-seventies junky Faithfull is pretty interesting, I think. Her teeth seemed to get smaller and smaller and I feel like you could hear her gums when she spoke and sang. I think of a strange elegant, garbled sound when I see her face in pictures like these.




Well, I love you and I’m eager to see the results.”



Aww! I am inspired, sweet girl. I always do a much better job of painting when I love the person to be painted and love the person who will receive the painting.

Thanks, honey bunch.

Home Studio, Chocolate Pottery and Pumpkins

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This is one of my favorite Dutch Brothers (coffee) stickers. My actual favorite reads Dig Life. I missed receiving one on free-sticker Wednesday by just minutes. They ran out shortly before I rolled up to the window at the Ductch Bros. on Churn Creek Road that day.

I didn’t even know they had free-sticker Wednesdays because I rarely hit the Dutch Bros. drive-thru. I still dig life even though I did not get the sticker that would let others know I do.

Yesterday I stopped by the Discovery Shop to find a few long-sleeved shirts. I found a very nice pink and green shirt and bought two jersey pullover shirts which I have cut up the middle to create light sweater-like garments. One was red and one a sort of dusty pink.

The best thing I purchased was the Allied Pottery made in the late 40s through early 50s in San Francisco. I found six rich chocolate brown plates and four cups. They cost $25. I am loathe to buy things I don’t need these days, because of course I’m saving to move into my dream home in Bernal Heights, but I could not resist.

A tag of $25 is steep for the Discovery Shop if the items are not obvious antiques. The sales volunteers were aghast. $25! I loved the plates and I felt their fiesta-ware-era vibe so I was happy to pay big. Now I must try not to break them.

I searched on the web for “Allied Pottery, S.F.” which is carved onto the bottom of the plates.

I found this article in the S.F. Chronicle. I learned about Enid Sales and about her efforts to restore Victorian-style homes in the city.

Enid says:

“I did quite a bit of the work myself. I knew how to do things. I wasn’t this weak sister.”

I love that quote. She is a pip.

I am determined today to get some creative work going. I’ve got lots to do.

Here is a picture of Andy that I put in my laundry room. It used to be my painting space but I’ve moved everything into the living room.


I’ve been busy here polishing up the beautiful horses on my creative carousel. I still have so much to do to render it a smooth science.

This is the painting table. You can see my noteboard, the hand carved wooden Jesus portrait that I found at one of my favorite thrift stores a couple of years ago and Souroctopus’s great print from Etsy. 

My daughter Jessica suggested that I do a portrait of Miss Pamela Des Barres and that is a great idea.

When I do I will probably use this pic as a guide.  Beautiful Girls! I always loved Miss Christine’s look too.

This pic is from this Alice Cooper site.

 He got a head start on his schtick by knowing and being open to the GTO’s aesthetic. 

More home studio pix:

Here is where I have been doing most of my work over the past year. I make my stamps and I.D. my postcards in this spot.

It looks kinda sloppy with all the wires. It’s a work in progress, a busy, plugged-in place.

I spent months enthralled by the process of making Bitty Pix from Shrinky sheets. I have not found that many share my enthusiasm for the little pictures.

This splitting of my energies between (at least) two pursuits has been a lifelong dilemma. Those of us with Gemini Rising and or Venus in Aries have a tendency to be over the top in love with something and then we lose interest once the subject has been thoroughly explored. I guess that makes us fickle but the thrill of the new can be very inticing.

Milk cartons make a cheap way to acheive diffused lighting for photographs and they shield my sensitive eyes from the bright lights I need to see what i am doing.

Here is one of a new series of postcard subjects.

I am using words and images from an old dictionary. This photograph accompanied the definition of “dickey.” I suppose back in the day a woman would have worn a jacket over this.

I like the hairdo and the hand on the hip.

“Keep your eyes on the prize.”

I’ve been listening to a random Jessica-made CD. Listening to the folky, rolling traditional song sung by a voice that was familiar but not instantly recognizable. For a minute I though it was Taj Mahal. Then the voice began to creak and lurch in a way that Taj’s would not. Then I got it — Bruce Springsteen in a people’s music moment. You know, when he does that Bob sort of thing. Here come the New Orleans horns, here comes the second line, shake it Martha. Step lively!

Here is a N’awlins second line rendered in pumpkin, baby!

Check out this fabulous photographer/pumpkin carver.

Click on the photographs they link to the pumpkins.

Electric Kool Aid Grassy Mess

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Grasses are growing in the kitchen window.

They have grown very tall and should be consumed. I leave them to become scraggly.

 I did give one to my granny’s cat, Sam. I didn’t plant them thickly enough for their roots to bind the top of the dirt in a neat tangle. So, when he drags the grass around his little area of the kitchen it makes quite a mess.

Have I mentioned that there are four, count ’em, four planets in Virgo?

We have Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Mars was in Virgo until it slipped into Libra just yesterday, but wait, the Sun will be in Virgo Sunday.

Colby? Are you okay? Moises?

For those of us with Virgo and Gemini these planetary jaunts, all ganged up in Mercury-ruled Virgo can be, to put it mildly  . . . umm . . . tension-inducing . In the past, too many planets in Virgo has worked my nerves like enduring full days of nails screeching down big old blackboard.

We might find ourselves suddenly possessed by a dire need to be very tidy. We may be obsessed with the analysis of the most minute aspects of things in the world around us. It can resemble the state in which  we find ourselves when we have consumed too many stimulants.

Yesterday I found it a blightful torture to subject myself to the scabrous environment of WalMart. Well, I’ll admit I always feel like that but it was especially icky. My apologies to all the good people who work in that environment. I mean no offense. It’s just a quirk of mine.

The gas station I chose had the cheapest gas my pocket book has seen in months but the place seemed exceedingly unkempt.

This one is heavenly by comparison. 

I was practically having the fantods by the time I got back home.

Oh . . . did I mention we might become hyper-verbal?

This Virgoian energy can also goad us into action and if we take a lot of deep breaths it might even be productive action instead of the chicken-without-its-head variety.

Okay girl, now ORGANIZE!

I seem to be doing pretty well this year but I have plenty of places to channel it. I’m sure it’s helped me absorb the new computer training at work. It was easy. It was fun It occupied my rattled mind.

Today I start organizing and producing postcards. I’ve got a list full of artsy projects. But! at

I know that tonight Moises Domingo Rios will treat eveeryone who listens to the initial broadcast of the reading of Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool-aid Acid Test.

This is the cover with which I am familiar. there are others.

But The glory of this event is that someone whill read us Wolfe’s poetic masterpiece.

Everybody who reads this should tune their computorial receiving device to west add radio tonight. In California that’s 10 p.m. to 12 a.m.

 If you are elsewhere calculate to Pacific time and check the station.

I can’t wait!

Here is a blog with a young man’s alternative covers for Electric KoolAid Acid Test.

Hey, I see Moises has found the covers!


Something else cool for my roving mind.

The lovely Gen turned me on to a piece of writing by Patti Smith-Smith (hello, FSS) that deals with rock, rebellion and her R n R Hall of Fame induction. It’s here on the Alice in Wonderland blog. Thank you, Gen.

This is some kind of organic growth on a branch I picked up while walking.

I made it part of a hanging sculpture.

These mirrors reflect the morning light and can create quite a light show at the right time of year.

Unicorn for the Next Little Soul

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There has been a pillow propped up in a tiny rocking chair in my home for the last two years.

The pillow was covered with an embroidered slip cover decorated with tiny mirrors.It may have been made in India or maybe Pakistan. It was made in colors I love — black, red and yellow orange.

I walked into the front room and noticed the pillow beneath the cover. I pulled the loose slip cover aside and noticed a beautiful embroidery on it.

 I removed the cover. It was worn and tattered. Now this pretty little unicorn waits for the child who will sit in the tiny rocker.

Once upon a time there was a little girl . . .

I’m not sure of the origin of this pillow.

It’s not a family heirloom.

Still I think it was my daughter who brought it home and I want her to know that I will keep it safe for the next little soul that finds their way to my house.

I came home from a training session at my job yesterday to find that my son had taken his leave, back to Santa Rosa, to complete his latest undertaking.

I was really sad that I didn’t get to see him off. It’s okay. I hate to say goodbye.

Here is B’s latest myspace picture.

I believe John Adams, yes, that John Adams,

played brilliantly by Paul Giamatti, has inspired B to study law. I know that Whatever he turns his true heart towards will blossom.

Sometimes it takes a long while to grow into your true self. I’m still doing it after all these years.

San Francisco Calling?

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My daughter, who lives in San Francisco, frequently multitasks by calling me while walking from one place to the other in her neighborhood. She is often on her way to some place, or from some place that sets my imagination soaring.

“I’m walking to Tartine to get some coffee,” she’ll say. I can almost taste the warm croissant I would buy if i were going. People take photos of Tartine’s wonderous pastries and they blog about their sandwiches.  This photo is from wishbone clover

I know that I am probably embellishing things already fixed in my memory from the time that I have spent in the city.

Although when I think of of the 70s in the Mission District I see strange, rumpled bunnies hopping home from a long night of sweet yet dubious adventure.

When I read chuck b’s blog my back 40 I drool over the beautiful pix from Bernal Heights.

I imagine the cool air and the fog crawling through the low-lying areas of the city and I see myself scurrying through the streets among other creative open-minded people. In my good cherry-topped, whipped-cream dreams they are everywhere.

I’m sure there are still plenty of assholes, hustlers and those who suffer from unfiltered perceptions of reality but I’m dreaming here.

I find sites like this and imagine that by some miraculous twist of fate or by logical calculation I can come up with a way to transfer my money-making focal point four hours to the south.

I’ve just discovered the neighborhoods page at dreamworld.or’s S.F. guide. Alfredo Jacobo Perez Gomez is the person behind this site. He has put up photo tours of some neighborhoods. They may be a couple of years old. I see a reference to 2005. It is delicious work, Alfredo.

Here is the Mission at 18th and Valencia:

Lovely photos from this West of Mission St.  neighborhood.

I have always dreamed of other lives, places and people no matter where I am. It’s not that i am disatisfied. I think it’s more about keeping a balance of reality and fantasy in my watery mind.

I know that I have it really good right where I am. In Redding I live with a great partner in a nice house. It’s quiet and surrounded by lovely vegetation.

Our landlady employs a gardner so we don’t have to mow the big lawn. We have plenty of room to do our artsy thing and we can afford to live here.

This place is not haunted by any unpeaceful entities, at least not any from the other world.







I believe that when it is time for things to change the doors will open.

I just like to peak through the windows while I’m waiting.

A flock of angels grace our back door.

Here’s another one.

Jimmy Page, Heartbreaker!

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I don’t know from personal experience but I have heard Jimmy page was the ultimate heartbreaker.

His charm they say was his spellbindingly fey manner. Polite, seemingly sweet all wrapped up in pretty shirts and velvet and then underneath was seething passion.

But like any young man with all the magikal right stuff he knew how to take advantage of the spellbound and did, frequently.

Words of love and hints of possibility dripped easily from his sweet mouth like morning dew, they say.

Back in the days when musician-loving women were path-forging iconoclasts, Mr. Page was the top of the mountain.

I was too young to have the kind of feelings that propelled other girls into his sticky, sticky spider web. But I once had a fleeting moment of access to him.

I was not a beautiful girl and that being so  I was saved from a debaucherous and dissolute ending.

After reading Catherine James’ book Dandelion I’m more convinced that ever that beauty is a blessing and a curse.

It was Melodyland again. Janice and I went to see another of my favorite bands, The Yardbirds.

I was bummed to find that Jeff Beck had departed. It was his guitar-playing innovation that had won my allegiance and also Keith Relf’s strangely attractive voice.

During the show I managed to work up a massive crush on Chris Dreja. Yummy.













I mean look for yourself. Jimmy is in the middle and on the left, Chris Dreja. Drummer Jim McCarty is on the right. Who’s cuter? Who’s got the big cute nose and the sweet lips? Dreja was my cup of tea.

As the band left the stage, walking up our aisle from the center of the room to the backstage area, we left out seats and followed them. I was walking right behind the pink velvet-clad ass of Jimmy Page. I felt nothing but a platonic curiosity about the tall, rail-thin, soon-to-be undeniable guitar god. 14-year-olds can be so, like, you know, clueless.

The Beckless Yardbirds went their way that night into the arms of some more grown up ladies and Janice and I went home to our tame little lives. I would not be ravished by Mr. Page or even hold hands with Chris Dreja.

Chris Dreja has a blog. Unfortunately he has not kept up the long, interesting entries but check it out. Maybe if I pleaded with him he start up again.