Frida, Andy, Scents

Finally there is a cucumber on the plant. The aphids don’t like them as well as they like them Squash.

This is an early morning shot.

There are prickly things all over the cuke skin.

It’s like stubble.

There is another tiny one next to a blossom. It has it’s skirt on it’s head.

These almost look like they were taken underwater.

A translucent star shaped blossom at the top of a baby cuke.

There are 18 days until the last day of the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the S.F. MOMA.

I will hate to miss this show.

I have the date written down on a post it note right near this computer. It makes me feel like I need to hatch a plan.

Frida is as beautiful as a Squash blossom.

She was unafraid to live as she wanted. She had to seize the things she could so as not to be a victim of the pain. She was victim of nothing. She was mighty. I’d just like to feel that up close.

An energy still resides in the physical creation of any artist. I have been in a room with a Van Gogh. That was in Iowa City. It vibrated and swirled and was charged with  Vincent’s intent as you might imagine it would.

I have been in a room with an Andy Warhol but it would take one of his hand drawn things to make me feel that special thrill. I love Andy’s drawings.

You can feel Andy’s playfulness and his sweetness in his drawings .

Here is what I must have for Christmas! It seems there is a whole line of Andy Warhol-inspired scents at Bond no. 9 NYC. Muthaf$&^@*!

They are seriously messing with my head.

Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue smells of these things: blue cypress, fennel, roasted almonds, peony, creme brulee and sandalwood.

Andy Warhol Silver: wood resin, cedarwood, amber, jasmine, iris and violet. $230.

Okay, Georgia. You have got to stop with the “no intended sexual metaphor” thing.


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